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The ultimate guide to Recycled Hoodies

4 min read

The ultimate guide to Recycled Hoodies

2020 was the year of the hoodie. As the world rushed inside, suddenly this sporty easy-pleaser became the garment nobody could go without! Who can blame us? There are few items of clothing that feel more homely and safe than a warm hoodie

2 years on, this craze shows no sign of going away, although these days our expectations are higher. Many of us are searching for good quality hoodies that work well in any setting and don’t fall apart in a matter of months. More than this, they’ve just gotta be sustainable.

As a brand whose reason-to-be is sustainability, we’ll help find the right hoodie for you! We’ll explain why recycled hoodies top the charts in terms of lower impact and why they're the perfect entry point for sustainable fashion. But first…

What is an eco hoodie?

Hoodies are basic sweatshirts that have an adjustable hood, stretchy ribbed hems, and - usually - a large kangaroo pocket on the front. Unfortunately they tend to be made from petroleum based fibres like polyester which churn out large amounts of CO2. Buying them can mean buying into fossil fuels. When especially cheap, they’re also likely to be unethically made, meaning that labour standards are poor if not down right exploitative. 

Eco hoodies aka sustainable hoodies are made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. They have a significantly lower impact on the environment and a luxe appearance. Organic cotton avoids pesticide use, protects ecosystems and offers ‘just-right’ softness for wearers of sustainable hoodies. It’s also vegan. Eco hoodies are often more socially sustainable, but that really depends on the brand and how their clothes are made.

Recycled hoodies are a type of eco hoodie which have an even lower impact on the planet. They make use of materials which already exist - avoiding the need for the resources (and emissions) involved in producing virgin fibres. 

We believe recycling is key to a sustainable fashion future. It’s simple: the fewer materials we waste, the less we pollute the planet, the more of it we protect.

How is recycled clothing made? 

Recycled clothing is made from recycled materials! Obvious, right? Except the process itself is quite complex. Depending on the fabric, sources range from industrial waste and plastic bottles to used clothing. Such materials are first collected and then processed in one of two ways. 

1. Mechanically recycled: shredded and regenerated by machines.
2. Chemically recycled: dissolved in chemicals, extracted and respun. 

    These approaches have their pros and cons - and are valuable parts of the circular economy. At TWOTHIRDS, the majority of our recycled clothing is made from mechanically recycled materials, which tend to be better in terms of environmental impact. They require no water or chemicals to be produced. 

    We source these materials from European yarn mills and transport them to our factories in Northern Portugal, where our garments are created by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who are paid fairly. Once the clothing is made, it’s ready to be sent all over Europe - and even the US! 

    Now you know that, you’ll be ready to snuggle into two of our 100% recycled hoodies. 

     Women’s hoodie 

    The Russki is a premium women’s loungewear style that hangs loosely on the body and feels as light as a feather. Thanks to thermoregulating materials like recycled cashmere and recycled wool it manages to hold in the heat. The un-ribbed hood has a cloud-soft texture.

    Why wear it?

    It’s the perfect “snuggle hoodie”, designed especially for some you-time curled up on the sofa or working from home. 

    Eco Impact 

    The yarn is sourced from a renowned Italian mill, who claim their product saves 60% of electricity and 75% of CO2 emissions, compared to a non-recycled yarn of the same quality.

    Men’s hoodie

    A neutral tone for a climate neutral garment. The Umnak hoodie has a thin, lightweight structure and is made with revolutionary Recover™ recycled cotton. Recover™ is one of the best recycled fibres in the world and is made predominantly from cotton cut-offs. You can read more about it here.

    Why wear it?

    Dependable, light and highly wearable, the Umnak will slip right into your backpack for whenever the sun goes in this summer. The colour is very much on trend too. 

    Eco Impact 

    It has been calculated that 1kg of Recover™ saves up to 14,740 litres of water, and 23kg of CO2! That’s on top of keeping factory and clothing waste out of landfill.

    In conclusion…

    What makes hoodies so great is that they bring an instant hit of comfort while being endlessly versatile. You can hardly go wrong with them really! This makes recycled hoodies perfect “starter” pieces when looking to get into circular or sustainable fashion. You know you’ll get great quality in a garment that you can use everyday.