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Men's collection

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We make goods for a better future

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Ocean at heart, eco in mind

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Sustainable clothing made in Europe

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Fashion is a feeling. To stop it fading fast, we make clothing from sustainable and recycled materials that have a lower impact on the planet. In thought and action, we are eco-conscious.

TWOTHIRDS of our planet is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much joy.
We are committed to protecting what we love.

Seaside Memories

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Inspired by waves, whales and wondrous depths. 
We strive for limited water impact and upcycle plastic into garments that belong in the blue. 
Our community lives for the beach. Together, weareocean.

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Our Customers Say

"This was my third order from TWOTHIRDS and each time I love them more. Everything is just perfect and I am so glad that I found them. I’ve spent quite some money but more than with any other brand i feel the clothes are absolutely worth it! The fabrics, the colours, the design and the quality, I just love everything about them and I know they will accompany me for a long time. Thank you!"

— Laura

"TWOTHIRDS clothing is very high quality and comes with peace of mind that you are supporting a sustainable and earth conscious brand. I love the two jumpers I have purchased and will most likely purchase more from them over time. The pieces are timeless so you know you can wear them for years and years and not contribute to textile waste or fast fashion cycles."

— Nicole

"I have never once been disappointed with TWOTHIRDS. I’ve only ever ordered pants, but these pants are the best I’ve ever found that are amazingly true to fit, and that compliments every part of the feminine shape, from the waist all the way to the ankles. Hopefully they will last me a very long time!"

— Noémie


Carrer del Monestir 23 
08034 Barcelona - Spain

Phone: +34 934 12 53 71

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