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Fall is coming! Which means cooler temperatures (at last) and the chance to see nature in all its glory. To get us in the flow, we spent a weekend with Valeriya and Axel, two of Portugal’s best-known longboard dancers. Discover more by reading on and enjoying our new playlist.

Their weekend begins on solid ground: enjoying the smooth surface of a nearby skate park before taking the road out of town to hear the leaves chatter and the birds sing.

You’ll usually find Axel (pictured here) behind the camera. He uses his talents as a filmmaker to capture longboarders as they breeze through their moves. Together, Valeriya and Axel spread their love for the sport.

Longboard dancing is sometimes likened to surfing because it draws on many comparable movements, including cross-stepping and noseriding. Think of it as taking the ocean to the street.

A friendship forged on the open road. Throughout this collection, our skaters have been wearing TWOTHIRDS clothing made for the season ahead.