Sustainable Socks for Women and Men

Which size of sustainable sock should I choose?

In order to choose the correct size of sustainable sock we advise you to consult our size guide, whose tab can be found just below the sizes on each sock design’s product page. Once inside the size guide, scroll down to “socks” and discover all the info you need.

Are all TWOTHIRDS eco-friendly socks unisex?

Most of our eco-friendly socks are unisex, but there are certain models which are designed especially with men or women in mind. We always try to make this clear on each sustainable sock’s product page. Our men’s socks also tend to sport our famous bearded sailor label, whereas unisex socks feature our cute little whale.

How can I be sure my socks are truly sustainable?

It’s tough to find socks that are more sustainable than TWOTHIRDS socks. That’s because most of our designs are made from 100% recycled materials. Look out for socks made from Recover™, a blend of recycled fabrics whose production process uses no water and involves zero synthetic chemicals.