Sustainable Underwear for Men

Why is slow fashion underwear better than fast fashion alternatives?

When it comes to underwear the devil really is in the detail. Our slow fashion underwear is made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, which are proven to last longer than lower quality materials. We omit itchy labels from our designs and create some items that boast a seamless structure, making all our underwear functional, comfortable and durable. On top of all that, each piece of TWOTHIRDS underwear puts the ocean first.

What are sustainable boxer briefs made of?

The fabric basis for most of our men’s underwear range is organic cotton, which has a much reduced environmental footprint when compared to non-organic cotton. To add stretch and durability to each piece we use a small amount of elastane as well as some fibres derived from recycled polyamide.

Why are eco-friendly t-shirts included in your underwear range?

From time to time it’s true that you may see a t-shirt design or two enter our underwear range. This is because some of our sustainable men’s tees are slim fitting enough, and breathable enough, to accompany you to bed or to be used as a cosy under layer.