Sustainable Thermo Bottles

Isn’t bamboo what pandas eat?

Yes it is. Luckily for us, bamboo grows so quickly that there is plenty enough to go around for pandas and for the screw tops found on our eco-friendly thermo bottles. You can learn more about this incredibly sustainable and durable material at our blog.

Can I store hot and cold drinks in my thermo bottle?

Our thermo bottles are designed so you can comfortably take your favourite hot and cold beverages to the beach, mountains or wherever else you can think to take them. Ditch single-use bottles for good and stick to using your TWOTHIRDS bottle!

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA is the abbreviation that denotes the chemical Bisphenol A. This harmful chemical is used in the production of many plastics and is best avoided. It is for this reason that drinking from stainless steel bottles like ours, which are BPA-free, is always preferable to swigging from plastic bottles.