Sustainable Shirts for Men

Why is sustainable clothing important?

To protect habitats for future generations, we have to rethink what we wear. The fashion industry produces vast amounts of emissions, wastewater and unsold garments. Sustainable clothing offers solutions that can alleviate some of these problems.

Can sustainable men’s shirts be affordable?

Our prices reflect the cost of fair labour and quality materials. All our PRE-ORDER sustainable men’s shirts come with 20% off already applied because you’re helping us to avoid overproduction (when a brand produces more than they can sell).

Is a linen eco-friendly men’s shirt more comfortable than a cotton one?

Linen and organic cotton are both great choices for shirts. While linen is excellent for hot weather (being naturally temperature-regulating), organic cotton is breathable and soft. Why not try both varieties of eco-friendly men’s shirts?

How does purchasing a TWOTHIRDS sustainable men’s shirt contribute to sustainability?

Purchasing a sustainable men’s shirt from TWOTHIRDS contributes to sustainability by supporting eco-friendly production practices, reducing environmental impact, and promoting ethical labour standards. We are committed to using sustainable materials that also help conserve natural resources.

How long can I expect a TWOTHIRDS ethical men’s shirt to last?

With proper care, a TWOTHIRDS ethical men’s shirt can last a lifetime. The durability depends on the material and how the shirt is maintained. Following our garment care guide means you can significantly extend the life of your new shirt. Washing your garments less and airing them instead is perhaps the best way to prolong their longevity.

What are some trendy ways to style sustainable men’s shirts?

Sustainable men’s shirts can be styled in various ways. Pair them with eco-friendly denims for a casual look, layer them under sustainable jackets for a more sophisticated style, or match them with shorts for a relaxed summer outfit.