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The most majestic Canary Island of them all, Tenerife is a place where currents, cultures and ecosystems collide, creating one of the most incredible ocean destinations on the planet.

This is Playa de Benijo, a beach on the island’s northern tip, so wild that only the most experienced of wave riders should venture into its chaotic Atlantic surf or tread its soft black volcanic sand.

Poorly-made fast fashion soon gets found out in places like this. The elements are unforgiving on low-quality fabrics and ill-conceived designs. TWOTHIRDS eco apparel and swimwear feels like it belongs, made from only the finest sustainable materials.

Natural linen shirts and pants remain strong but breathable. Boardshorts are crafted from recycled ocean impact plastic. A blend of organic and recycled cotton forms ethically made t-shirts.

To experience any foreign land to the fullest, it pays to be respectful of local traditions and languages. The same is true when it comes to nature. She takes note of the choices you make; the care you take, as soon as you set foot on her wild shores.

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