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5 Must-Have Styles To Make You Shine This Summer

4 min read

5 Must-Have Styles To Make You Shine This Summer

Summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” said novelist Henry James. Thankfully, we’ve got a whole season to say (and savour) them too now that summer is officially upon us. The 21st of June marks the point when the Northern Hemisphere is at its closest to the sun, otherwise known as Solstice. This is a time of celebration, a time of great beauty and great kindness. But also a time of great panic - as you look around and see how prepared everyone else is! 

In case your wardrobe is out of sorts, we’ve made a foolproof guide to the must-have pieces for summer 2023. When even Vogue is jumping on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon, you know that “less is more” is truly having its moment in the sun. The objective here is to make you shine with the lowest impact and the least effort possible! That’s why we’ve narrowed our list down to just 5 knockout styles that will keep you looking and feeling cool this summer.

That Summer Dress

You know, the one that everyone’s talking about! A beautiful white summer dress, which has some special detailing to make it even more elegant. The top half features openwork stitching for a lace effect, while the bottom half makes way for muslin - a light weave that engenders breathability and a wavy texture. Your summer sweetheart: the Simonszand.

If looking for something more off-the-wall, be sure to check out our complete dress collection. Each one is lovingly crafted in Northern Portugal from dressmakers who know their craft.

Swimwear For Ocean Lovers

You’re probably already getting bombarded with bikini adverts that try to convince you of the need to buy at least 10 swimsuits before you even consider leaving the house this summer. Naturally, we surf to a different beat. Our swimwear is constructed from recycled materials, and made to accommodate diverse body types. Here, we’re spotlighting the Hogsty Top and Bottom, made from a technical fabric known as Vita Power after its powerful compression which stops lactic acid buildup and keeps you swimming for longer. What makes it “must-have”? Well, it comes in a colour that suits everyone, and features a cute “halter neck” design that keeps things classically feminine. The high-waisted bikini bottom offers extra coverage and the same sporty precision. 

Snazzy Stripes

Take your love of stripes to the next level this summer

Let’s face it: there will come a time (approximately between 21.00 and 05.00) when you need something a little thicker to keep a summer chill at bay. Featuring a snug high-neck design and cosy long-sleeves - the Lachea adds a surprise snap of colour to your summer looks. Available in eye-catching mauve or a warmer tri-colour palette. Ideal for music festivals or date-nights.

Here’s what makes the Lachea even more outstanding: it’s made from leftover deadstock fabrics. Which means that to make it, we’ve used textile waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. A win for the environment, and a win for your wallet. 

Short And Sweet

Longer days call for shorter garments! We’re in love with this pair of linen shorts, which feature a gentle elasticated waist and stylish olive wood belt. The Amanu have a cute mid-thigh cut, and look dazzling with just about any top you can think of. This makes them a summer essential that you can come back to over and over again. As they come in two versatile shades, you can always pick up both for more styling options. Stress-free summer clothing? You got it. 

Seamless Underwear

An often overlooked part of any summer wardrobe. Prepare for heatwaves and holidays by getting lighter, more flexible underwear. Our seamless selection (the basis for TWOTHIRDS Essentials) has been described as the comfiest underwear our customers have ever worn. Made from the mother of all mixes - organic cotton, recycled polyamide and elastane - without any of the things that make underwear itchy or irritating, our seamless styles are destined for summer success. Featured here are the Figueral Top and bottom in a lovely viridian green. With a figure-hugging ribbed structure and sporty design - the Figueral is a fan favourite. 


Get these 5 must-have pieces and head into summer with maximum peace of mind. They’re purposefully versatile, easy to pair up with what you already have in your wardrobe, and will slot right into any capsule. Eco-friendly, sustainable and super stylish.