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Introducing - The Swimwear Collection Made With Marine Plastic

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Introducing - The Swimwear Collection Made With Marine Plastic

The effect human beings have on the ocean is becoming more and more pronounced with every passing tide. But how would it feel to lay on the beach or immerse yourself in the water without a shred of guilt? Or to know that you are wearing a product that has contributed to the cleaning of the ocean?

This is precisely what makes our men’s swimwear unique! We use SEAQUAL® recycled polyester yarn which contains 10% SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC as well as waste PET plastic. A combination that not only finds a second-use for single-use but also aims to clean up the ocean along the way. 

Here’s how the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works - 

  1. Beach clean up groups, organisations and fishermen are united under SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to help rid the ocean of plastic (and other assorted) waste.
  2. All the litter is sorted by type and recycled. 
  3. The plastic becomes SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC - to be used in a variety of products…
  4. …some of which is channelled into the revolutionary SEAQUAL® yarn which you’ll find in all our men’s swimwear styles. 

      When you consider that at least 14 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year, the need for more solutions like the ones provided by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE becomes even clearer. 

      SEAQUAL® recycled polyester yarn results in swimwear that is soft, durable, stretchy, UV resistant and ready for every wave. Considering that we have a great range of men’s swimwear made from this yarn, we thought we’d give you a tour of the goods (for a better future)!

      Swimwear Spotlight

      1. Gizo

      This beautiful eco design reminds us of sea kelp and bamboo at the same time! With smart stripes and a handy pocket at the back, it’s ideal for surfers who like to look their best while doing what they love best. The Gizo is made from SEAQUAL®: 100% recycled polyester, meaning there’s a direct line from these shorts to the ocean cleanups arranged by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.  

      2. Longana

      The Longana is a robust boardshort made from recycled ocean plastics. We think this three-part colour scheme is especially attractive, making you look sophisticated even as you dive into the roughest waves of the season! The cut, similar to the Gizo, is above the knee to allow for more flexibility on the move.

      Longana are also made with SEAQUAL®: 100% recycled polyester, playing its part in ocean cleanup.   

      3. Laxe

      Like to take a lax approach to style? Then the Laxe were made for you: a minimalist design gives off a subtle sheen and harks back to simpler days when surfwear wasn’t all about eye-catching colours and fancy logos. The colour - a gorgeous Deep Lake - is made to resist the pull of tide and time, so there’s no doubt you’ll be wearing these for years to come. 

      The Laxe also plays into one of this year’s key swimwear trends - shorter cuts. This gives your legs all the air (and sun) they could possibly need, while feeling more comfortable in the process. Get the most from SEAQUAL® recycled polyester yarn in this beautiful design. 

      4. Armielles

      As Ape to Gentleman reports: “intricate, jazzy, abstract patterns are huge in swimwear this summer.” That couldn’t be more fitting than for our Armielles sustainable boardshorts with their 3-D vision look, consisting of overlapping circles on a gorgeous caramel base. Also cut to above the knee for that 2023 look, you’ll enjoy wearing the Armielles every time you want to catch rays - and waves - this summer.

      Remember that, thanks to Armielles’ wonderful fabric, this boardshort has turned waste into wearability. What could be cooler than that? 


      All of our men’s swimwear collection is made from recycled materials, while select styles feature a percentage of marine plastic, courtesy of the wonderful SEAQUAL® recycled polyester yarn. Enjoy an eco-friendly summer while scoring major style points with our on-trend and timeless designs.