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6 Reasons To Love Ethical Loungewear

3 min read

6 Reasons To Love Ethical Loungewear

Ethical loungewear is all the rage these days. You don’t have to be a fashion designer or trendsetter to see why: garments that embody a relaxed dress code but a strict environmental and ethical policy are a fair reflection of the times. Post-pandemic society has mellowed out in some respects (like dress-code), but raised the bar in others (like sustainability). We’ll begin this short piece on the 6 reasons we love ethical loungewear, by creating a simple definition that should help keep our feet on the ground. 

What is Ethical Loungewear? 

Ethical loungewear is a type of clothing that you can happily lounge around in without compromising your values. It is usually made from earth-friendly fibres like organic cotton and recycled polyester, which make it better for the environment. There is an expectation that ethical loungewear should be socially sustainable too. The meaning of “ethical” products in fashion is that they do not involve exploitation, child labour, or sweatshops. Workers are paid fairly and in accordance with labour laws. Traceability is also key with ethical loungewear as the more you know about where the garment has come from, the better picture you can get of how “good” it is for people and planet.   

What You Didn’t Know About Ethical Loungewear

1. Oh-so cosy

There’s a perception that products which are more sustainable are not necessarily as comfortable. The reverse is in fact true: ethical loungewear is often made from soft, toxin-free materials like organic cotton. And where a little stretch is demanded, recycled polyester or elastane can adapt to the body comfortably, resulting in the best fit possible.

Our ethical loungewear collection features amazing fabric qualities like pointelle (with patterns dotted into the garment), padded organic cotton, waffle fabric, and ultra-soft velvet. Once you’ve tried these oh-so cosy textures, you’ll melt into a world of pure comfort.

2. More durable than regular loungewear

Because our ethical loungewear is crafted from high quality materials, it should last longer than cheap loungewear garments. Increasing the lifespan of garments is really important for both people and planet as textile waste makes up a rumoured 7% of all landfill (we should, however, take such statistics with a pinch of salt). Clothes that are worn only a handful of times before being replaced don’t sound very ethical to us. 

It’s important to stress that ethical loungewear and garments will only last longer if they are looked after properly. Consult our care blogpost for tips!

3. Fairer for the planet too

As you may have guessed, ethical loungewear isn’t just better for workers. In general it is crafted with greater emphasis on environmental protection. The emissions that are saved through the use of better materials helps reduce the pressure that fashion puts on the atmosphere and ocean. This only works however, if we commit to buying less clothing over a longer period of time. 

4. Designed by people who care

By its very nature, ethical loungewear is designed and made by people who are conscious of the impact we all have on the planet - and on each other. Brands like TWOTHIRDS focus on bringing you handmade products that reflect your values. 

That’s why we only make our products in Portuguese factories that are steeped in textile history and respect the rights of their workers. Consult our Eco page for more information about our supply chain.

5. Exploded in popularity during 2020

We don’t need anyone to tell us that loungewear sets were the unofficial uniform of lockdown. What’s interesting to consider is how curiosity about sustainability grew in step, meaning that more people (especially Gen Z) searched out ethical and sustainable loungewear than before the pandemic. You only need to look at the spike in brands offering more sustainable loungewear as evidence of this increasing demand.

6. You can wear ethical loungewear inside or outside!

This may seem a little too obvious, yet some wearers of slow fashion haven’t realised the full potential of ethical loungewear. It’s not only intended for days on the sofa! Instead, ethical loungewear can be worn during market runs, trips to the forest, and even the office.

One of our favourite aspects of ethical loungewear is the fact that it can be mixed and matched to create your own laid-back look. Check out our newest ethical loungewear sets to find the styles for you.