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6 TWOTHIRDS Highlights for 2022

4 min read

6 TWOTHIRDS Highlights for 2022

Looking Back So We Can Move Forward

We like to say we don’t have customers, but rather a community of ocean lovers. This year it has been a pleasure to see so many new people joining that community and buying into our mission: to save the ocean.

Together you’ve shown us that there is a clear appetite to shift away from fast fashion, to a more ethical way of creating sustainable clothes, something that emboldens us to redouble our efforts in 2023.

Before we do that, it’s important to take stock, and look back on a year that will go down as one of the most eventful in the history of our little eco-friendly clothing company from Barcelona. Here are our six main highlights of 2022!

1. We Got a Bigger Ship (Office)!

It’s no secret that we’ve grown (our crew now stands at almost 50) and so it was inevitable we would need to switch to a bigger ship! The move finally took place at the beginning of 2022 and saw us head up the Tibidabo mountain that overlooks Barcelona, giving us unparalleled views of what we love most: the ocean. 

Moving home is always a stressful time, but having more room to get creative, design sustainable garments and socialise as a team is something we know will benefit us and our community alike.

2. Children of the Ocean Run Wild

A large part of the reason that TWOTHIRDS exists is that we want to safeguard the planet for our children. To this end, it has always been a dream of ours to launch a sustainable clothing line for kids.

At the beginning of 2022 that became a reality, as we brought expert designer Helena on board. She now designs beautiful pieces for little ones, all of which are eco-friendly and sustainable, under the brand banner of, Children of the Ocean. We even released a super sustainable baby body just in time for Christmas!

It’s never plain sailing when launching a new sustainable clothing line, but we are committed to making Children of the Ocean a success, with the brand designed to encourage kids to down their screens and reconnect with nature.

3. Limited Edition Deadstock Collection Launch

We’re always on the lookout for ways to innovate in the sustainable fashion space, be that by making our clothing range more inclusive or using more sustainable fabrics.

Therefore we were thrilled to release our maiden Limited Edition Deadstock Collection in the summer of 2022. Not only was it modelled by our glamorous crew members, but each limited edition piece was made entirely of deadstock fabric.

Deadstock is the name given to high-quality cuts of fabric that have been earmarked for the scrap heap by other fashion brands. That’s where we step in, to take such waste and turn it into one-of-a-kind pieces of eco clothing that you just won’t see anyone else wearing.

We love this concept, so expect more Limited Edition Deadstock Collections in the near future.

4. Transparent Like the Sea

Running a sustainable fashion house requires us to constantly challenge ourselves, so that we keep pace with the green (or blue) expectations of our passionate eco community.

In 2022 we redoubled our efforts to be as transparent as possible, from giving our followers unique insights into the lives of the people who make TWOTHIRDS tick, to doubling down on the eco-report we released at the end of 2021 - providing data and information that shows how far we’ve come on our sustainable fashion journey, and how much work there's still to do.

Such transparency will continue to be a priority for us throughout 2023 and beyond, because it is only via the hard-earned trust of our community that we can continue to thrive, and produce eco-friendly clothing that cares for the planet.

5. Closer Than Ever to Our Community

Another part of the process of being transparent and opening yourself up to scrutiny, is forging new relationships. 2022 has been a year in which we’ve strengthened bonds with our community of ocean lovers like never before.

Nowhere has this been more evident than in the various competitions we’ve run, in conjunction with longstanding community members, who share our passion for sustainable fashion and the natural world. 

This culminated in our Winter Wonderland contest, which gave two lucky people the chance to enjoy their very own Swiss mountain hideaway as well as a treasure trove of new sustainable clothing!

6. We Went Exploring

While always mindful of our environmental footprint, we still try to get out there and explore portions of the ocean that were previously unknown to us. 2022 was no different. 

Our endlessly creative shooting team headed to locations such as Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Lanzarote, where they found beaches, seascapes, ports and ocean vistas, all of which helped bring our eco-friendly clothes to life. 

We already have some incredible shooting locations lined up for 2023 and can’t wait to unveil them when the time is right.

What’s Next?

One thing’s for sure, 2023 promises to be every bit as exciting as 2022. Big news is on the way early in the New Year. So don’t be a stranger, brace yourself and enjoy the ride!