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6 Sustainable Swimwear Trends For Easter Getaways

3 min read

6 Sustainable Swimwear Trends For Easter Getaways

How is it almost Easter already?! 2023 is flying by. Before you know it, you’ll be heading off on that getaway you booked long ago. Are you worried that your sustainable swimwear selection is lacking? Fear not, we have you covered, with all the latest trends when it comes to eco-friendly bikinis, sustainable swimsuits and everything in between.

1. Block Colours

With the demand for eco essentials going through the roof in 2023, that same trend is now spilling over into the eco swimwear category, where many eco-friendly swimsuits and sustainable bikinis are sticking to just one block colour.

The in-colours that feature in our new sustainable swimwear range are inspired by earth and sea, meaning plenty of red clays, grapes, blues and mustards. Many of these hues come in subtle matt finishes, meaning that every style has the power to have you blend in with your natural surroundings, while also enabling you to stand out, but only ever on your terms.

Some great new eco swimwear pieces from our new collection that rock block colourways are the Auskerry top and matching Auskerry bottom, the Folly top, and the Paama swimsuit. Which sustainable swimwear piece do you see yourself wearing?

2. Backless One-Piece Swimsuits

For this year’s sustainable swimwear launch, we listened to our ocean loving community (plus our own female crew members) and released a raft of new designs that provide added comfort and extra coverage. Chic and stylish eco swimsuits are at the forefront of this design shift and include pieces like the Colorada, the Bushy, and the Aipus.

As you’ll notice, many of these sustainable one-piece swimsuit designs are backless, giving you support and comfort where you need it most, without ever compromising on glamour. All this means that TWOTHIRDS swimwear is more inclusive than ever before, something we will continue to strive to improve further in future collections.

3. Straps Are Back

Because backless one-piece swimsuits are in vogue, our designers have been given free rein to bring back another previously dormant style phenomenon: the strap. This is most evident on the vibrant blue Lavezzi, whose spaghetti straps will be gracing bronzed shoulder blades on all Europe’s beaches this spring and summer.

4. Halternecks & High Waists

Many of you can’t get enough of our high-waisted sustainable jeans, ocean-friendly cords and eco trousers, so it only makes sense that this spring/summer will be all about high-waisted, eco-friendly swimwear pieces. The Tern bottoms are a prime example of a high waist design that has the prowess to be paired with almost any sustainable swimwear top. Our designers have also promised that other high waist designs will be on their way very soon.

One idea for a top, to go with a high waist bottom piece like the Tern, is a halterneck bikini top. Held in place by an organic or recycled strap that loops around the back of your neck, rather than over your shoulders, they can be extra comfortable and practical to wear. Our Pabay and Bouvet tops are stunning proof of the effortless style a halterneck design can deliver. 

5. Don’t Forget Floral Prints & Stripes

Some trends come and go, but it’s only the true originals that endure through the good times and the bad. We feel that way about our signature striped and floral pattern design swimwear. After all, who doesn’t want to add a splash of colour to the sustainable swimwear portion of their wardrobe? Anyone who thinks that way should check out the Bushy (Black Floral and Thin Stripes versions) which brings a hint of vintage style as well as some playful hues.

6. Minimalism & Comfort Combine

It was mentioned previously that we are on a mission to make our sustainable swimwear as inclusive as possible, and to that end there are current trends helping us on our way. Minimalist styles are very much in right now and it’s always easier to handcraft a comfortable and versatile, sustainable bikini or swimsuit when there are less intricate design details to contend with. The results for pool and beach goers everywhere are beautifully wearable and desirable pieces like the Folly bikini top, as well as the Paama and Aipus swimsuits, all of which harness the power of maximum comfort that can be derived from timeless, minimalist designs.