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A Guide To Our 5 Must-Have Jeans This Spring

4 min read

A Guide To Our 5 Must-Have Jeans This Spring

Did you know? Jeans take their name from the place that denim was first made. According to Travel France, the bales of tough cotton and linen cloth that landed on the docks of London in the 16th century were labelled “jeane” rather than “Genoa”. This alternative name stuck right up until the first pair of jeans were invented in the US! Defined by robust rivets and durable seams, these transatlantic trousers have now conquered the world. As one Who What Wear writer reports, “the denim market has never been quite so booming or, depending on how you look at it, daunting.” 

With so much white noise around denim, how can you possibly know which jeans are a must-have for Spring? If you’re lost between trends, we’ve come up with an in-jean-ious guide to our latest styles. With 5 guaranteed Spring successes - let us fit you out with your new favourite comfort clothing. 

Over the years, we’ve really perfected the art of making women’s trousers. We challenge you to find a better-fitting selection of jeans than the ones below! 

Slim Fit

Style name: La Graciosa

First on our list of must-have jeans for spring 2023, is our popular slim fit style that’s now available in a Sky Blue colour. La Graciosa features a figure-hugging silhouette that combines well with relaxed tops and sweatshirts. Personally we love how it looks with versatile striped styles such as our Petalas multi-coloured striped sweatshirt. The Sky Blue colour of these spring jeans allows you to really show-off dark, neutral or navy styles. 

These jeans riff on the slim fit trend, set to blow-up in 2023. 

Loose Fit

Style name: Kiritibati

The defining fit of 2023 could turn out to be “slouchy” or “relaxed”. Whether that’s down to trying economic times or the rebirth of Y2K (early 2000) style, your guess is as good as ours! But what if you’re not ready to embrace all the retro kitsch that Y2K entails? Don’t worry, we've got a good loose-fitting solution. The Kiritibati jeans fit beautifully and feature an elegant V-shaped seam on the front. Expect a bit more wriggle room than La Graciosa, with a stylish elliptical shape. 

These jeans come with the curve-accentuating “mom-fit” look.  


Style name: Borden 

We couldn’t write about our must-have jeans without an honourable mention of our recently released denim overalls! The Borden features classic workwear details like comfy pouches, silver metal rivets, and a bold seam down the middle. 

Perfect for capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, painters and party-goers alike. Looking to simplify your outfits but keen to stay stylish? This one’s for you. 


Style name: Sonsorol

The Sonsorol are light and breezy, made with 100% pure organic cotton. They feature bold pleats at the waist which give them a vintage appeal. These are everywoman’s jeans: super comfy and easy to wear. 

As well as looking great with our striped styles, the Sonsorol are a good match for our spring florals. 

Super Wide-Leg

Style name: Angel

Wide-leg trousers are at the top of Vogue’s shopping list for 2023. Our Angel jeans look especially alluring, coming in a dark navy blue and a sweeping silhouette that really stands out from the crowd. Wide-leg jeans give your legs room to breathe on muggy spring days and channel 70s energy, for a feel-good look that will invite plenty of compliments / outfit envy. 

But wait… Are These Jeans Sustainable? 

Don’t worry, sustainability is in our genes. Or rather, jeans!

We have six different denim “qualities” (the name we give to fibre compositions) in our jeans collections. This makes it difficult to make statements that apply to all styles, but rest assured, we work with some really responsible denim suppliers. One of them is called ISKO, an eco-friendly denim producer that has been awarded EU Ecolabel certification. This basically means it’s doing the best it can to minimise ecosystem damage. 

Here’s a quick brief of the key TWOTHIRDS denim terms: 

Organic Cotton - all of our jeans and denim styles feature organic cotton rather than cotton. This reduces water consumption and ecosystem impact. 

Recycled Cotton - ISKO also provides us with a partially recycled cotton denim quality. This is a big deal: it helps find a new life for old textiles, avoiding landfill and unnecessary waste.

Elastane - some jean styles feature a small quantity of elastane. While this does limit the recyclability of our products, it also ensures that they last longer and have the necessary “give” to keep on giving. 

Low Impact Denim Wash - all of our denim is processed using less water than the industry norm. This matters because denim is a notoriously thirsty fabric.

E-Flow Finishing Effect - we’re really proud to be benefiting from this denim decolourising effect across many of our styles. This is an innovative technique that involves the use of nanobubbles to correctly colour jeans and denim styles, with massive reductions in water use, no chemical waste, and savings on energy. 

The manufacturing process related to our jeans produces less CO₂, incorporates recycled and eco materials and takes place in Europe. This guarantees the high quality that you would expect from a sustainable clothing company.

Denim that fits like a dream. Jeans that go with the flow.