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7 Stunning Colour Combinations From The New Collection!

3 min read

7 Stunning Colour Combinations From The New Collection!

Unpacking our latest collection is always an exciting moment. In Spring, it’s especially fun to see which colours have blossomed for a second, third, or fifth time, and which ones are new on the scene. Take the ultra-vibrant Cherry Red, one of this season’s most vivid colours. Or the moody Blue Night, a striking addition to any sustainable wardrobe. 

To guide you through the Spring collection, we’ve handpicked some of the most interesting colour combinations to be found! These play into existing colour trends, while sticking to what we know and love best.  

1. Sun & Sea

A vibrant shade of yellow, Cumin offers great pairability with navy blue. Take the Makulova, an organic cotton jacket in a suave poplin texture. We matched this up with a pair of ocean denim dungarees for a powerful (and, we should add, very comfy!) contrast between light and dark. We think of this colour combination as Sun & Sea - two things we hope to see more of in Spring.

2. Rose Petals, Red Cherries

Add an injection of rich reds to your wardrobe this Spring. Take two of our red colours which combine really well with each other: Petal Rose and Cherry Red. Sumptuously vibrant, we recommend shopping the silky Agnes top and the lavish Giske shorts for the total TWOTHIRDS look. 

This gorgeous colour combination will brighten your mood and take your look to the next level. 

3. Daisy On Denim

Dark denim really brings out the blue in our new daisy print. This fresh, floral pattern adds an  element of visual excitement to your Spring outfit, and in the Wieringen top, it’s made with LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose. This fibre creates 50% less CO₂ than regular viscose, being sourced from sustainably managed trees and produced in a carefully managed closed loop system. Pair it with our Ocean Denim - which requires less water to be made - and you’re onto a great colour combination that also protects the environment.

4. Beneath The Cascade

One of the season’s star colours, Cascade Green is a vivid hue of turquoise. The word “cascade” refers to a small waterfall, so you’ll be pleased to hear that in the case of the Rubondo Cascade Green top, water was our number one priority! TENCEL™ Lyocell, the fibre used in this style, involves the recycling and conscious management of water and chemical solvents. Furthermore, we recommend pairing this colour with a lighter shade of denim - like our Sky Blue Kiritibati trousers, which are made in a slouchy fit, very much on trend this season. 

Cascade Green and Sky Blue - another excellent colour combination. 

5. Balsam And Ecru

Venturing deeper into turquoise territory, we’re sure you’ll love our new Balsam toned styles. In particular we’d highlight the Ambergris trousers - also made from silky soft TENCEL™ Lyocell - which drape beautifully. So as not to overload the senses, Balsam goes especially well with soothing Ecru. For the best colour combination, we recommend the Piasa organic cotton lightweight sweater. 

6. The Blues Sisters

In keeping with a brand that’s dedicated to ocean protection and sustainability, our common denominator this spring is blue! Pair our Blue Night garments with a shade of darker blue for a simple colour combination. Blue Night recalls the fading light on a summer’s day, after the sun has set and just before the sky turns to black. 

7. Spring Blossom

Our floral prints really are a game changer this season. The blue daisies print is especially beguiling, coming in a vibrant shade that begs to be worn on top and bottom! That’s why we made a jumpsuit from this pattern, ending our list of stunning colour combinations with a garment that was made for simple, capsule wardrobes. Check out the Neuwerk for a colour combo that pairs the natural white and yellow of daisies, with a shimmering shade of mediterranean blue. 

Did you know? Our floral garments are digitally printed, using less water and ink than conventional methods. Sustainability, sussed.