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Introducing: The 2022 Eco Report

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Introducing: The 2022 Eco Report

Read The Full Report Here.

The TWOTHIRDS 2022 Eco Report is now ready to read. Taking months to compile, this document is like a final farewell to the previous calendar year. It signs, seals, and delivers all the major results that we recorded in that time.

You could think of an Eco Report as catching your breath after an exhilarating surf session. It’s only when you sit back to survey the seascape that you realise what you achieved. 

For a technical definition, see below. 

What Is An Eco Report? 

An Eco Report, more commonly termed “impact report”, provides an open door for customers and communities to assess a given brand, learning what they do well, and where they intend to improve. Areas often include: materials, supply chain, carbon footprinting, insights from the CEO and reflections on the big stories from that year. 

We like Eco Reports. As well as being a crucial transparency tool for our customers, they also provide TWOTHIRDS with the motivation, accountability, and self-knowledge to grow in a sustainable fashion

New In 2022: B Corp™ Certification

At the tail end of 2022, TWOTHIRDS became a certified B Corp for the first time. 

This makes us part of a vibrant ecosystem of businesses, each with their own drive to put nature and people at the heart of the economy. 

In case you didn’t know, TWOTHIRDS is defined by the desire to protect the ocean. That’s our MO, our DNA, our raison d’etre, and any other fancy words you can think of! This ocean focus is one of the reasons that we performed so well in the Governance, or mission-oriented, category of the B Impact Assessment

What Does Our CEO Say? 

Well… you’ll have to read the Eco Report to find out. Our sustainability expert undertook a short interview with founder and CEO, Lutz Schwenke, to explain what this certification means for TWOTHIRDS. In the pages that follow, we tell the story of our year, from the waves we caught to the ones we missed. 

Designed with ocean lovers in mind, the 2022 Eco Report is all yours. 

Read The Full Report Here.