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9 Beautiful Beach Towels To Stay Sustainable In The Sand

4 min read

9 Beautiful Beach Towels To Stay Sustainable In The Sand

Project summer is well underway. In our native Spain, that means desperate hours spent in the gym and an inexplicable interest in tight-fitting clothing! But where TWOTHIRDS is concerned, it means making sure you have everything you need for the holidays of your dreams. That’s why we’ve prepared a hitlist of this season’s very best sustainable beach towels that you can slip into your luggage or sling over your shoulder this summer. Keep the sand on the beach and the sun on your side, with our bestselling beach towels

Naturally, each design is made with sustainable fibres that turn waste into whales, palms, and other funky prints. In fact, our beach towels are made of a unique combination of 2 recycled fibres. 70% Recover™ cotton and 30% SEAQUAL® recycled polyester.

Beach Towels: A Fusion Of 2 Fantastic Fibres

Recover™ Blue

Our beautiful beach towels are constructed from 70% Recover™, in a mix (known as R Blue) that involves both premium recycled cotton and recycled PET plastic. The cotton itself is sourced predominantly from cotton textile cutoffs that would normally be collected by factories and discarded. This makes Recover™ fibre a circular solution to waste within the fashion industry itself, meaning that these beach towels are officially part of the circular economy. 


The same can be said for SEAQUAL® yarn, a clever polyester fibre that takes the “outputs” of consumer culture - in this case marine plastic pollution - and brings them back into use. Performing a vital role in collecting plastic and other waste adrift in the ocean, the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE are effectively turning a negative into a positive. 

It is the combination of these two incredible fibres that makes our beach towels one of the most sustainable items in our summer collection. Recycled and with a reduced impact on the planet, they’re an important alternative to flashy fast fashion accessories that are often made from virgin synthetics (meaning: yet more plastic!) or cotton (meaning: extra waste and resources). Our view has always been: there are enough textiles in the world, so why not find new ways of using what already exists?  

Without further ado, let’s explore our 2023 collection of beautiful beach towels!

1. Palm Leaves, Ocean Breeze

The perfect compliment to our brand new palm print styles, this sustainable beach towel has a cool, calm colour and will be the envy of every beach goer this summer. Kick-back and relax - while showing off an iconic surf symbol. 

2. A Symphony In Black. Palm Leaves, Ocean Breeze

This is our symphony to the sea: a collection of serene whale icons, in an impactful washed black colour. The best bit? This colour doesn’t come from toxic dyes: instead, thanks to Recover™ 's RColorBlend technology, only half of the fibre has to be low impact dyed, while the rest is blended together to form the desired colour.    

If looking for the classic TWOTHIRDS beach towel - featuring a King of the waves - this is your jam. 

3. A Tale Of Two Tails

It was the sunniest of times, it was the cloudiest of times. Our "Beach Towel Whale Tail" will keep you company regardless of the weather - and your holiday reading. A playful design that features a reverse tale print on front and back. In a lovely shade of clay.

4. Surface Area

Let’s be honest: when it comes to beach towels, you need your space. And with this one - measuring a generous 2 metres by 2 metres, you’ll have it in spades. Our biggest beach towel can seat 4 or more people, making it the perfect affair for picnics and meet-ups. Also featuring our famous whale icon that’s bound to draw plenty of compliments. 

5. Where There’s A Whale There’s A Way

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? That’s right, more whales! These ones are lined up in clever lines (or “stripes”) to give the impression of movement. A classic nautical beach towel design that shows your mission to help clean up the oceans courtesy of SEAQUAL® recycled polyester yarn

6. Satisfying Stripes

Representing a sunset over a gentle sea, this beautiful beach towel is a nostalgic little number. We love how it references marine culture (think classic naval stripes) while also adding a touch of colour for good measure. 

7. An Ocean Groove

White waves on a cool turquoise base: this recycled beach towel is marvellously uncomplicated, yet undeniably unique! Paying homage to the habitat it was designed to protect, this style will make an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe.

8. Playful Palms

You can’t go wrong with this delightful design, going full circle on our first choice. Refined and relaxed all in one go, our palm print beach towel keeps summer in the palm of your hand.

9. Straight Shooter

We round-up our summer salutations with this bright and beautiful beach towel! The sunny colour is bound to put you in a good mood, and will be yoga-session ready once you get back from the waves. We’ve gone for vertical stripes here, reminiscent of those colourful beach huts that line the boardwalk. More maritime? Impossible.