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A trip to Southern Portugal

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A trip to Southern Portugal


People in the North of Portugal are kind but quite serious. In our many visits to our factories over the years, there was always one topic, that made any Northern Portuguese smile.

Algarve! Do you know? Have you been? It is so nice! You need to go! 

After producing in Portugal for many years, it was almost an obligation to get to know the Southern Tip of the country. When our Sentinel Concha joined TWOTHIRDS, the pressure was on. We had to go.



We planned our trip for the end of June as we knew from our friends in the north that in July and especially August an unseen mass migration takes place from anywhere in the country to the far south and that it can get pretty crowded. Arriving there, we were assured that we made the right choice, empty beaches, a couple of surfers in camper-vans and locals.



We discovered the most Southern part of Portugal's West Coast, between Sagres and Porto Covo, where our Sentinel Concha lives. The entire area is a natural reserve and you really feel you reached the very end of Europe but in a positive way. The Eucalyptus Trees, the cold water, and the non urbanized landscapes reminded me a lot of my time in Chile. Nice to see that there are still some spots in Europe, where civilization and mass tourism has not yet taken over.

Meeting Concha, the first thing that comes to mind is whether she is living there because it fits her character or if living there so long has shaped her character to be as positive, easy and inspirational as is this stretch of coastline.


Our sentinel Conchita Rossler

The area has an amazingly positive vibe and I tried to analyze what it was, that makes it so special. After a week I realized that if you combine, good waves, few people, beautiful beaches and good food that this is probably the ultimate recipe for human happiness and that is was as simple as that.

We will definitely be back soon. Stay tuned for our little spot guide that we are currently preparing.