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The healing power of the Ocean

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The healing power of the Ocean
When Sara and Victor from Superando talk about the excitement of a Stand Up Paddle session, you imagine something beautiful and emotional. You think, there are children laughing, relaxing and excited. But until you experience this, you don't understand the real impact it has on you. You go back home with a new lesson: These special children have come into the world to show us to get out of our comfort zone, to teach us that life is made to be lived to the fullest. You learn to live in gratitude, to live in the present, no matter how difficult your life is.
Problems can always be solved.
You also learn from the sea. The ocean has the power to heal. The sea brings people together. No matter how old, strong, beautiful, or worldly you are. After going for a swim in the ocean, we all feel youthful, revitalized, and happy. The water transforms you into the person you really are. Brings out the best in you.
Surfing has long since been a sport associated with freedom and independence and has the ability to support individuals with special needs in increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence. The therapeutic benefits of water activities are obvious, you just have to see the emotional reactions of the children during and after their experience in the ocean. It’s a fact.
This is what Superando stands for: Participation in water sports provides opportunities for these children that promote inclusion, minimize deconditioning, optimize physical functioning and enhance overall well being.
The benefits of water activities are not only for children but also for their families. Parents and siblings, accompany the children during the session. They cheer the kids on, they applaud them. "We've seen children hugging their parents after the session when it's not their usual behavior.”
The sessions bring out the best in everyone.
But the benefits of Supperando’s sessions are also for the volunteers. They enjoy the sessions as much as children do. "Sometimes you don't know who enjoys it the most, whether the kids or the volunteers," says Victor, co-founder of Superando. You see the mutual trust they have in each other: The child lets him or herself be left to the expertise of his or her friend volunteer, and he or she responds with responsibility and affection.
Teamwork at its best.
This is why we want to continue supporting Superando. We want to help them to have more visibility, volunteers, and followers. And above all, that more children and their families will benefit from the healing power of the Ocean.
Buying this Tee shirt “Children of the Ocean” you’ll support us, support them, to make this happen.
Here is a glimpse of the amazing day we shared: