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Chilli And Cobalt: A Guide To This Season’s Trending Colours

4 min read

Chilli And Cobalt: A Guide To This Season’s Trending Colours

According to Popsugar, “this season specifically brings with it a bevy of shades that will truly turn heads.” Among this vibrant colour palette is Chilli (or “fiery red”) and Cobalt blue. Two trending colours that are topping the TWOTHIRDS bestseller lists. 

Unsure what we mean by Chilli and Cobalt Blue? Then find out below! 

What is Chilli? 

No, not that Chilli! We’re talking about the beautiful red hue that is sprinkled throughout our summer collection. It sure is spicy, but in a different way.

Chilli is a vibrant and intense shade of red that is associated with passion, energy, and excitement. It is often used to create a sense of boldness. Chilli red can also be used to evoke feelings of warmth and sensuality.

What is Cobalt Blue? 

Cobalt blue is a deep shade of blue that is often associated with stability, harmony, and serenity. It takes its name from the metal cobalt, which is used to create the pigment that gives the colour its distinctive hue. Cobalt blue is often used in fine art to create a sense of depth and richness, and it can be used to evoke feelings of calmness and peacefulness. It is also a popular colour for ceramics, glassware, and other decorative objects.

In combination, cobalt blue and chilli can create a striking and dynamic contrast that can be used to create a sense of drama and intensity. The coolness of cobalt blue balances out the heat of chilli red, creating a visually appealing effect. That’s why these two trending colours are sometimes juxtaposed in high fashion shows. We wouldn’t recommend pairing them in an everyday outfit (unless you’re especially edgy), but individually they will give your look a vibrant, feel-good boost. 

NEW Chilli And Cobalt Blue Styles

Level-up your look with our new Cobalt Blue and Chilli styles. Trending colours, timeless garments.

1. Anholt

This sustainable garment plays delicate details off the fiery brilliance of Chilli red. It’s a good place to introduce this trending colour to summer outfits to its lightweight composition and sleeveless design. For a mediterranean twist, the buttons on the front are made from natural olive wood. 

Expect to wear the Anholt for the beach, barbecues and brunches. The chillest of Chilli garments!

2. Pramuka

Red hot chilli paired with ultra cool linen - it’s the matchup we’ve been waiting for. Simplify your outfit choices with a one-piece dress that cinches at the waist with elastic, has handy pockets and looks dazzling on a warm summer’s day. We love the Pramuka’s linen fabric which helps to regulate the body’s temperature, and grows (from the flax plant) with little artificial help from humans.

Get this trending colour in an even trendier dress.

3. Rabida

The perfect midpoint between the last two styles: Rabida offers its wearers a laid-back design that feels Japanese-inspired thanks to the crossover front, a detail reminiscent of Kimonos. An organic cotton muslin fabric is as gentle as you’d expect (muslin is usually used to keep babies warm!), and creates a beautiful wavy look. The loose fit makes this playsuit a good option for summer loungewear.   

Chilli, you’ve never looked so good. 

1. Carysfort

The queen of cute that’s simultaneously a warm knit and a breezy sleeveless. We transition to Cobalt blue with the organic cotton Carysfort, a sustainable statement piece. It looks gorgeous with other Cobalt blue styles such as our shorts for a boldly monochromatic outfit. Carysfort is a spring-summer knit, ideal for temperate climates. 

Conquer Cobalt blue with the Carysfort.

2. Candlemas

Here’s the thing with cobalt blue - it’s hard to overdo it! Continue the trend on the lower half of your outfit by picking up the Candlemas, a beautiful pair of flowy trousers that are made with eco-responsible viscose. They feature a classy wide-leg cut that has come to be seen as a marker of TWOTHIRDS’ timeless style. We recommend pairing this trending design with a classic white knit - or the Carysfort from above. 

3. Kereka

Sometimes, all you need is a simple sweat. The Kereka brings a splash of cobalt blue with minimum fuss, a cosy american fleece fabric and a felt textured whale logo. Definitely one for the ocean, the Kereka gives this trending colour added versatility. We love how it looks with sky blue jeans for an eye-catching contrast between light and dark.  

4. Blanche

Our peaceful whale icon, designed by artist Emil Kozak, is the best known graphic from TWOTHIRDS. For this tantalising tee we’ve enlarged it and created an understated contrast with Cobalt blue. The Blanche enables you to seamlessly incorporate this trending colour to your sustainable wardrobe while playing with its calmer connotations. How about the fabric? 100% organic cotton, no less. 

Thus concludes our guide to two of this season’s trending colours. Cobalt Blue and Chilli are a dramatic and intense fusion, but separately they present a great opportunity to approach summer with a sense of fun and fluidity. Find all of the aforementioned styles in our New In section!