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5 Exceptional Ways To Style Linen This Summer

4 min read

5 Exceptional Ways To Style Linen This Summer

Linen is our material of the month for May. And for good reason: there are plenty of ultra-comfy and colourful linen styles to be found in our summer collection! The purpose of this article is to allay any doubts you may have about how to style your linen garments this summer. Many people wonder which fabrics go with linen, whether it should look wrinkly or not and which combos work best. We’re here with the latest trends and timeless tricks to help you look your best in linen

1. Simply The Best

We have one unspoken rule at TWOTHIRDS: the simpler the better. This applies to design, communications, branding - it’s all about keeping things minimal and to the point. So why over complicate linen? Many of our newest linen styles, like our light green Fiscal jumpsuit can be worn alone. You may want to add your favourite pair of white sneakers or, if heading to the beach, some sandals. A few delicate accessories (gold rings, bracelets) will also help to illuminate this look. 

In a similar way the Pramuka dress avoids a wardrobe crisis - its chilli red colour stands out from the crowd. Again, the only thing to sort out with linen dresses is footwear. Cream sandals or kitten heels (for a more refined look) should do the trick. 

2. Super Stripes

Pair up our eye-catching Amanu shorts, which come in a gorgeous blue night colour, with a bright yellow striped top for summer’s most irresistible linen look. The contrasting colours are a refreshing mix up - unmistakably maritime in character - while the linen shorts are cooling and come with a cute olive wood belt loop. 

We will sometimes include stripes in our linen garments themselves - hello, Puget! - but in general they come in a single colour. This makes pairing them with stripes even more attractive, ensuring that your look is neither too busy, nor too basic. 

3. Polychromatic

But if colour is your preferred mode of expression, linen can still be a beautiful option. Here, we’ll take our linen Anchietta trousers as a base. They come in a smoke pine colour which we suggest pairing with a lighter shade of green. This continues the trend from the previous “way to style” of pairing light with dark - but in this case the two are complementary rather than contrasting. Subtle yet stylish, this is a great chromatic rule to follow with linen pants. Just pick one shade lighter than your trousers and you’ll be good to go. 

4. Crisp White Shirt

Our fourth way to style linen stays with the smart and simple vibe. Wear any linen bottom with a crisp white shirt like the Serangan - off white, which features stylish dropped shoulders and rounded hems. A stunning evening-wear or date night option, this combination with linen shorts or trousers is one you (and your date) will quickly fall for. 

In fact, this linen look is totally versatile - being just as utilisable for the office as for a day spent sipping Pina Coladas by the beach. If needing a warmer top you could always give our Huapi ecru cardigan a whirl - it’s a perennially popular women’s choice. The Huapi will ensure your linen-centric outfit is 100% sustainable

5. The Overshirt Look

We round off 5 ways to style linen this summer with one of our most dynamic linen designs for 2023. In a muted “desert sage” hue, the Nacula works very well over the top of basic white tees, adding depth, texture, and class to your outfit. Wouldn’t have thought of linen as an overshirt material? Well, we can assure you it offers the right balance of warmth and breathability because linen is a thermoregulator. It adapts to your body’s temperature. Cuffed, pocketed, and adaptable at the waist - this linen overshirt is a practical addition to your sustainable wardrobe. 

Which fabrics pair well with linen styles? 

You may be wondering which material goes well with linen. Given linen’s unique texture (coarse and grainy) that’s an understandable concern. So you’ll be pleased to know that the two materials which go best with linen are denim and organic cotton (which is sort of like saying organic cotton and organic cotton!). Throw some denim over your preferred linen styles for a great summer outfit. Or opt for soft knitwear and tops that come in organic cotton - which is thicker and slightly less breathable. We even paired our new linen overshirt with a silky soft TENCEL™ Lyocell skirt for an incredibly low impact outfit.  

In all, linen is a versatile material. Wear it with what feels best for you!

How do I get the wrinkles out of linen? 

Nobody likes wrinkles, but everybody will eventually inherit them! The same is true of linen, which is a wrinkle-prone material due to its light weave. That’s why many people recommend embracing the idiosyncrasies of this beautiful fabric; wrinkles only add more character to the linen look, while tightly pressed linen can look stiff. Nonetheless, you can always iron linen while it’s damp to prepare it for your day. For a low-effort and water-saving approach you can also hang linen garments in the bathroom while the steam fills the room, which will help to relax creases. 

Check out our blogpost on Linen care to help your new linen styles truly go the distance.