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Christmas comes to TWOTHIRDS

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Christmas comes to TWOTHIRDS

How to spend Christmas with those who love the sea? Some enjoy jumping into freezing cold waves in festive costumes, while others prefer a somewhat cosier option. There are both types of ocean-lovers at TWOTHIRDS, so it seemed only fair to meet in the middle for our new movie!

We channeled our team’s creativity and sense of occasion to create a celebration like no other… from shorelines and surfboards to marshmallows and merriness. What we were really looking for was a touch of Christmas cheer, as summed up by the appearance of St. Nick himself in the classic tale of The Night Before Christmas, 

His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

Representing everything from generosity to joy, to a sprinkle of humour. Yet you would hardly be blamed for feeling a little low on that this time around. Many people will be spending their first Christmas away from home, so it’s all the more important to put a little twinkle in everyone’s eyes! Our hope is that our humble movie stokes your imagination and gives you a few ideas of your own on how to make this time feel just as special as usual. 

As for us - it made us think about what has really gotten us through a year as challenging as this one. That has helped us to grow as a community, a brand and a family. It’s the simple act of trying to make each other smile, and we’re lucky enough to work with people who do that everyday. Enjoying the festive season with a twist this year might not be so bad, and could make us value the people we have around us, even more. 

We give you: Christmas - the TWOTHIRDS way.