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Into the Blue

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Into the Blue

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea, and all is blue for a time.” - Moncy Barbour

Thank you! 

With the help of our customers, we raised 20,703 euros for WWF Spain during Blue Week. We’re blown away and humbled by the results, which show that more and more people are believing in us and our mission. When we all move together, we stand to make waves. We’re grateful to have a community that does.

Standing at the edge of the ocean on a clear day, you get a glimpse of its magnitude. A blanket of blue stretches out for miles and dissolves into the thin line that separates two worlds. The horizon. But what marvels lie hidden underneath? 

The ocean is our inspiration, our reason, our motive. It’s what we, as surfers, live for, and as a clothing brand - also what gave us our name. TWOTHIRDS of the world is made up of this incredible habitat. That’s why this week we are donating 1 euro of every garment sold to WWF Spain’s ocean conservation initiatives! As this is the busiest time of our year, we also want to make it our bluest. 

We chose to partner with WWF Spain as their work on marine conservation is both admirable and important. Since 1998 they have protected “one of the most ecologically rich areas on the planet”, an Atlantic enclave that surrounds the Canary Islands and is home to pilot whales, sperm whales and dolphins. Within the same region, the charity is pushing to set up the world’s first all marine national park, next to the island of El Hierro. If the novelty of this idea is not immediately clear: imagine walking through a forest, but “instead of oaks, there are corals, instead of deer there are whale sharks. Instead of mountains there are underwater volcanoes.” Achieving landmark national park status would ensure this incredible underwater ecosystem is defended for the future.

This is but a small piece of a bigger puzzle. WWF Spain is also campaigning to set up a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which would involve 20% of all Spanish waters and 50% of priority ecosystems! MPAs are spaces reserved especially for conservation and research, that release swathes of sea from human pressures like overfishing and pollution. Just 4% of the world’s oceans are protected in this way. 

Copyright Credit: © Sumer Rao / WWF India
Copyright Credit: © Shutterstock / Ian Dyball / WWF-Peru

Finally, both WWF and WWF Spain play a vital role in the awareness of environmental issues. They invite the public to act against plastic pollution (now especially important with the rising tide of single-use masks), ghost nets that entangle sea creatures and remind us of the place the ocean has in the fight against climate change. Their message is a powerful one: “whether we live near or far from the ocean, our lives depend on it.” This makes conservation efforts all the more necessary. And it’s this that can truly turn black week blue. 

Copyright Credit: © Alexis Rosenfeld