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Coats And Totes: Breaking New Ground With Our Limited Edition

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Coats And Totes: Breaking New Ground With Our Limited Edition

A Community Favourite Gets New Looks

Our Limited Edition collections have been consistently popular since they were launched in 2021. The concept was simple: take premium-grade leftover fabrics that no other brands are interested in, and turn them into beautiful, affordable garments. This clears factories of excess stock and helps make the fashion industry more efficient. Sustainable? You bet. 

Since then, we’ve made sweatshirts, tops, dungarees, trousers, shorts and more for our Limited Edition collections, which often have options for both men and women. These days, we try to use up any leftover fabrics from the current season in these styles that have a limited production run. 

And we’ve now extended that breadth to include beautiful jackets and purposeful tote bags! 

The Best Of Urban Utility

We take pride in our vestes and accessories, ensuring that they’re rigorously robust and enjoyable to use. As well as in-house designers who have been in the industry for decades, we also work with knowledgeable suppliers and craftspeople in Northern Portugal who ensure our jackets live up to expectations. For instance, the Gallya - a Limited Edition style - is even treated with Teflon EcoElite™, an eco-friendly alternative to water repellent linings (that can contain toxic forever chemicals). The sustainable women’s rain jacket is lightweight and 100% organic, making it a conscious choice for urban outerwear. Organic & deadstock is a match made in slow fashion heaven!  Gallya features functional (eco-friendly) corozo buttons on either side of the jacket, meaning you can adjust the styles to your liking.

Meanwhile our spacious cotton totes come in a range of feel-good colours and were handmade in the heart of Gracia, Barcelona’s most urbane neighbourhood. Whether you’re commuting or just copping a look at the local shops, make your life easier - and cooler - with these low impact accessories that have a story to tell. 

We give leftover deadstock fabrics a second chance, siding with the circular economy and taking a “waste not, want not” approach. 

Is There Anything Deadstock Can’t Do? 

In theory, no! But in practice, deadstock does have limitations, mostly tied to questions of quantity. We have to take a look at how many rolls of deadstock fabric there are and how much is required for individual styles. Some of our more complex styles - like the Chowra aviator jacket - would clearly require more than one deadstock fabric and is likely to trigger more demand than deadstock can supply. Plus, you can’t always find deadstock in the fibre type you desire. TENCEL™ Lyocell is one of the most popular eco-friendly fibers we use, whereas most deadstocks are made of cotton. 

Limited Edition: Style Spotlight

1. Bicker

We named this one Bicker not because that’s what you’re going to do when your best friend wants it too, but because it’s the name of two Islands in Southern Australia! In case you didn’t know already, this is a reference to ocean protection, which forms the basis of our brand values. 

Bicker is an awesome dark green men’s jacket. It features the aforementioned Teflon EcoElite™ coating to repel water, and follows an iconic parka style (with all the trimmings). Settle the debate of who owns the best coat, with this timeless classic. We could only make 55 of these ethical men’s jackets so get yours before they’re gone!

2. Numba

Is it a shacket? Is it a trench coat? No, it’s the Numba: a completely unique design that carries characteristics of both but isn’t afraid to be different. Generously sized corozo buttons, a chunky collar and a warm fabric make this women’s ethical jacket a great choice for stylish transitional wear. 

3. Cotton Tote

With hand sewn embroidery and a range of fun colours, our Limited Edition Cotton totes have TWOTHIRDS written all over them. Literally. This is not your average tote: it contains a soft inner lining, loads of space, and two pockets on the side for extra storage. Personally, we’re getting big beach vibes from this sustainable style. 

Our sustainable Limited Edition totes are low impact, locally made, and loved by many. Try them for yourself! 

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