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Most Sustainably Dressed Movie Stars

5 min read

Most Sustainably Dressed Movie Stars

Which Hollywood Stars Turn Red Carpets Blue?

When it comes to reducing high carbon footprints and high impact fashion usage, the movie industry lags behind many others. This is despite some of its biggest stars donning sustainable dresses and eco-friendly clothing accessories for acceptance speeches, during which they often promote issues connected to sustainability and global warming. Only want to go watch movies that feature movie stars dedicated to sustainable fashion and eco-friendly dresses? Look no further!

Cate Blanchett

This Hollywood veteran was one of the first to step out onto the red carpet in a sustainable dress. Known for starring in the Lord Of The Rings, Elizabeth, and many other huge blockbusters, Blanchett has also quietly gone about establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s biggest sustainable fashion advocates, wearing any number of incredible eco dresses to awards ceremonies.

The eco-queen within her came to life at the Venice Film Festival in 2020, when she arrived wearing a fully pre-worn outfit, rather than being tempted to promote a top designer’s new wares. But she wasn’t done there, reusing a whole host of other sustainable dresses and eco outfits which had previously graced red carpets years, or even decades, ago. While reusing an eco-friendly dress once or twice is hardly revolutionary, when a Hollywood star actively pushes back against consumerism in this way, it does have an impact. 

Reinventing old looks aside, Blanchett is also a big supporter of sustainable fashion brands that craft ethical dresses using deadstock and recycled fabrics. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll see her walking out in one of our eco-friendly dresses or sustainable pants, or even hitting the beach sporting an organic cotton tote bag.

Margot Robbie

She might be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, but Margot Robbie definitely doesn’t think that life in plastic is fantastic. This A-lister wouldn’t be seen dead wearing anything other than a sustainable dress or eco-friendly jumpsuit. At the 2020 Oscars she wowed hordes of paparazzi by revealing that the eco-friendly dress she wore was in fact a vintage piece, which had been retailored especially for her big night.

By reframing vintage clothing as being more desirable than brand new clothing, Robbie is leading a charge away from throwaway culture, instead showing that imagination and creativity are what’s needed to truly bring a sustainable outfit or green wardrobe to life. Of course, the vintage eco dresses of tomorrow are today’s ethical dresses – crafted with enough care and attention to stand the test of time.

Joaquin Phoenix

He famously played the Joker, but Joaquin Phoenix certainly isn’t joking around when it comes to his sustainable fashion credentials. And how does he do it? He just keeps wearing the same old trusty suit. Throughout 2020 he attended virtually every single awards ceremony in the same suit, making it clear to everyone that he’s every bit the fashion renegade that his character the Joker is.

A dedicated vegan, Phoenix has also been a staunch advocate for PETA’s campaign to rid fashion of animal products. The actor would no doubt be glad to know that many of our sustainable jackets and eco-friendly knits are made from mulesing-free wool, meaning sheep are sheared in the most humane way possible. We also try to ensure that as much of our eco clothing as possible is also classed as vegan-friendly clothing.

Saoirse Ronan

It feels like this striking Irish actress has been around forever, and yet at just 29 she is one of the leading lights of Hollywood’s newfound drive to champion eco fashion causes and sustainable fashion labels. Ronan made a major splash back in 2020, when she graced the Oscars with a sustainable dress made from entirely repurposed fabrics and materials. The star of Brooklyn and Hanna tends to keep her public appearances to a minimum and shuns social media altogether, but that doesn’t seem to prevent her making all the right moves when it comes to which ethical dress to choose.

Emma Watson

Best known for starring in Harry Potter, Emma Watson is no stranger to philanthropy and working to make the world a better place. She has been a UN Goodwill Ambassador since 2014, advocating for the rights of disadvantaged women and girls around the world. 

Another subject that’s close to her heart is sustainable fashion, with Watson having been a pioneer when it comes to bringing eco clothing and sustainable dresses into the mainstream. She has done this by being a vocal supporter of online sustainable fashion platforms like Good On You, a site that TWOTHIRDS is proudly featured on. It’s rare these days for Watson to ever be seen in an eco dress that isn’t fashioned from recycled, upcycled or regenerated materials.

Rosario Dawson

While many of the names on this list are genuine advocates of sustainable fashion, few have taken the extra step to actually go beyond being a clothes horse to actively bring about tangible change in the eco fashion industry. Not so Rosario Dawson, who is an eco entrepreneur extraordinaire. She has played a part in launching two ethical fashion brands that we love called Voz and Studio 189, both of which empower indigenous communities. Those same communities have plenty to teach mainstream eco fashion brands about how to create truly sustainable dresses, sustainable pants and eco-friendly tops.

Dawson shows that for Hollywood to truly make a difference in the eco clothing space, its stars need to go beyond shilling for the luxury fashion brands that pay top dollar and instead start advocating for those sustainable fashion brands that have always been about genuine equality and environmental protection.