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Golden Memories: Kassia Meador Collab 2017

4 min read

Golden Memories: Kassia Meador Collab 2017

Collaborating With A Legend 

It’s no secret that we are huge surf fans here at TWOTHIRDS. We get weak at the knees in the presence of iconic waveriders. When we’re not surfing ourselves or crafting sustainable clothes, which allow people to care for the ocean and live more eco-friendly lives, we are the first people to hit the World Surf League’s live feed or stream our favourite surf movie. After all, the easiest way to get better at doing what you love is to learn from the best in the business.

This means that when the opportunity comes along to work with a pro surf legend, we jump at the chance. Our dream came true in 2017, when friend and fellow eco fashion lover, Kassia Meador, agreed to collaborate with us on some very special limited edition pieces, which when paired together created a readymade surf-chic look that anyone could wear.

The Surf Queen

Known in the surf fraternity as “The Queen of Noseriding,” Kassia has been a pro surfer since her teens. She’s truly done it all: hitting the dizzying heights of being ranked 2nd in the world for longboarding, as well as having custom model surfboards and clothing lines named after her. She’s even appeared in some killer surf movies that still live long in the memory. 

Surf Movies Kassia Has Starred In:

Despite this incredible success, Kassia raised eyebrows when she left all the commercial trappings of the sport behind, to refocus on what surfing meant to her and to get back to the basics of connecting with the natural world. Just as we did many moons ago, she did this by forming her own eco-conscious surf brand, that’s still going strong to this day and whose eco values align closely with our own.

Clothes Fit For Surfing Royalty

We remember fondly how excited we were to see Kassia bring her effortless California surf vibe to the eco-friendly clothes we’d painstakingly designed and crafted in her honour. The pieces we opted for were mainly made from organic cotton and included an oversized parka jacket, relaxed sweatpants and a sundrenched t-shirt with a scoop neckline. 

Borrowing style pointers from the iconic 70s surf scene and Kassia herself (her eco fashion knowledge was impressive), all three pieces combined to form a beautifully stylish and sustainable outfit

The outfit’s main aim was to keep a surfer warm after a long wave riding session, while also exuding style when back on dry land. The jacket was particularly eye-catching and eco-friendly, due to its tie-dye finish, which was accomplished with only the use of natural and organic dyes. The t-shirt’s breast logo also has a direct connection to Kassia, with it being the brand logo of her company, Kassia Surf.

Of course, seeing as this was a limited edition collection from all the way back in 2017, all its pieces are long gone, but there are plenty of brand new – super stylish – vestes, sweatpants, and t-shirts available at our online store.

Surf Session And Fashion Shoot

It was such a vibe for our team, to have a bonafide superstar come all the way from California to shred some Catalan waves, even if we did have to search hard for a big enough swell, away from Barcelona’s sleepy breaks. 

Once we did find waves, Kassia showed off her signature longboard style, turning heads in the lineup as she made difficult manoeuvres look easy and gave our creative team plenty of shots and video to work with.

When the surfing was done, it came time for Kassia to switch from pro athlete to eco-fashion model. There’s no doubt that she instantly looked at home in her new eco-friendly outfit, pairing it with sunglasses and saltwater tangled hair, to ensure that every shot was one to savour. 

Her positive attitude and good vibes were so infectious and made us wish we’d had more time to spend exchanging surf stories, and to talk about the direction in which our respective clothing brands wanted to go. 

More Collabs, More Limited Edition Collections

We’ve never been shy of a collab or two, especially if an individual or brand is part of the same ocean loving community. There are always new collaborations in the pipeline, so keep an eye out, because who knows, next time we could have Mick Fanning or Bethany Hamilton rocking some organic cotton, eco-friendly threads.

Limited Edition collections are also something we plan to explore further, as was recently evidenced by the release of our 100% Deadstock Limited Edition collection. It was a great opportunity to use high quality sustainable fabrics, that would otherwise have gone to landfill, were it not for our green fingered designers and seamstresses.

It’s this sort of eco-friendly innovation that we hope will draw more big name personalities to the TWOTHIRDS journey, as we work to attain true sustainability, by constantly reducing our carbon and water footprints. Our DMs and inboxes are always open, ready for Fanning, Hamilton and Co. to get in touch whenever they like!