It’s been four years since the Elledge-Penner family took off on a global adventure. Since then, they’ve lived in a boat, a van, various apartments, and even spent lockdown in a castle! We caught up with them in Ireland. Listen to our new playlist for the full experience.

Explorers Marty and Taryn have three kids: Matilda (who is 11), Francis (9) and Viggo (6 1/2). The family moves from country to country every few months, meeting people like them as they go.

It was this approach that birthed their business, Quartier Collective: a travel agency for families who want to encounter cultures in a slow, meaningful way while creating a sense of community.

Beyond Ireland’s astonishing natural beauty (and great weather…) it’s the humour of the Irish that they love most. Chasing down a mythological beast or two also tends to pass the time.

To us, their lifestyle speaks a simple truth, that home is wherever your family is. Watch out for our interview, coming soon!

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