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How To Store Your Winter Wardrobe For Longer-Lasting Clothing

4 min read

How To Store Your Winter Wardrobe For Longer-Lasting Clothing

Space! We all need it from time to time, especially where an overbearing wardrobe is concerned. The correct storage of garments can also make a huge difference to how long they last, an important consideration for fans of sustainable fashion. 

Learn how to store your winter wardrobe and keep your clothing for longer with these tips from the TWOTHIRDS team. 

Lessons In Simplicity

The less clutter we have in our lives, the more focused and happy we can be. At least, this is the message of minimalism - a prominent influence in our overall philosophy and our fashion style. Quality counts more than quantity. Storing away your winter wardrobe will make you miss that clothing, and see it through new eyes when you come to unwrap it in the colder months. As this blogger notes, this feels like going shopping - without having to get anything new!

To encounter simplistic clothing in a beautiful virtual space, check out our recent Simplicity collection. 

Step 1: Spring Clean

We don’t recommend storing any unwashed clothing, as this will imbed stains and attract unwanted guests (aka insects). Instead, apply the logic of Spring Cleaning to your wardrobe by dividing it into two groups: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The garments in the second pile will need to be laundered. For optimal results, wash by hand or on the delicate setting (specifically for knits) - it’s better for the environment and will help your garments stay in shape! 

We also recommend using a natural detergent that is enzyme-free - this is important for knits, because enzymes can break-down wool fibres, resulting in holes. Make sure your clothing is fully dry before you move to the next step. 

For more washing tips, check out our blog post on fabric care. Which concludes our first tip on how to store your winter wardrobe

Step 2: Bags, Boxes, Or Shelves?

It’s decision time: what are you going to put your winter wardrobe in? Many people recommend vacuumed plastic bags, which are neither great for the environment, nor the freshness of your garments. By their very nature, they aren’t breathable, which can be a problem in the summer heat. Instead of opting for plastic bags or boxes, you could instead source natural linen or organic cotton bags that let the air flow through. 

Storing on spare shelves is an okay option too - it’s better for winter knits, which would conversely lose shape if hung up for a long time. Store your winter wardrobe wisely.

 If heat isn’t a problem, and you want to save space, you could even store your winter wardrobe in unused luggage!   

Step 3: Use A Moth Deterrent

We appreciate moths. Like bees they perform an important role in pollinating ecosystems. But we don’t appreciate what they do to our clothes! Avoid a moth-apocalypse by spraying cedar tree oil wherever you store your winter wardrobe. Cedar is a natural moth repellent - it doesn’t harm them, they just don’t like the smell. For less fuss, you can use a block of cedar instead of oil. 

Step 4: Check For Humidity

The place you store your winter wardrobe will need to be clean, dry, dark and cool. Humidity is a no-go, because that can cause your garments to become mouldy, or covered in mildew - which would somewhat defeat the object of cleaning and storing your clothing away.  

Step 5: Wrinkle Alert

Wrinkles are natural, in both people and garments! When looking to store your winter wardrobe, you might be wishing that wasn’t the case. The truth of the matter is, wrinkles are more or less inevitable. Adjust your expectations, and be ready to steam your clothing (even in the shower to save water) when the time comes to take your winter wardrobe out of storage.

Folding your garments properly before storing your winter wardrobe will of course help. For tops, sweats and knits, turn the item over, fold the sleeves and shoulders (vertically aligned) half way into the garment, and then fold the garment in half or thirds from the bottom. For trousers, lay them out flat, smooth out any bumps, and fold one leg into the other. Next: fold the trousers from the bottom of the leg up to the waistband - and in half, to make sure they’re folded into a neat square shape. For some helpful diagrams see here and here

…now relax. Store your winter wardrobe to reduce “decision fatigue”. This is when it becomes difficult to make up your mind (like what to wear!) because there is too much choice. 

The Sustainability Perspective

Does storing your winter wardrobe actually help the environment? Directly speaking, no…. but it can help to prolong the lifetime of the items in your wardrobe. In turn, this can reduce carbon footprint by preventing the need to buy more clothing. At TWOTHIRDS, we want our customers to enjoy our sustainable garments to the fullest - because that’s what they were designed for. We use high-quality fibres and fabrics and rely on expert craftsmanship for clothing that really goes the extra mile.