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Team Journal: Floral Prints, A Seasonal Gamechanger

4 min read

Team Journal: Floral Prints, A Seasonal Gamechanger

Floral prints are one of the season’s brightest trends. We love their versatility, the ease with which they can be paired with other garments, and their colourful energy. But can you balance your taste for floral prints with your love of sustainable dresses? Or are floral prints simply lovely to look at, but not very good for the natural world they are drawn from? 

At TWOTHIRDS, these questions matter: they lead us to experiment with new fibres and printing methods to come up with the most sustainable dresses, sustainable tops, sustainable sweats and sustainable shorts possible. Our floral print garments are set to be a gamechanger for the new season, introducing a bright pop of colour to your sustainable wardrobes. 

"I think our prints transmit joy and are a good wildcard to combine with plain garments, giving a little more colour and personality to a look." - Elisabet Sapena

The first floor of our office here in the hills of Barcelona is a hive of activity; it’s where our fashion designers collaborate closely on the latest designs - including the use of floral prints

We asked one of our designers to give her take on this blossoming trend! 

Meet The Designer - Elisabet Sapena

Why are we seeing more floral prints at TWOTHIRDS lately?

We have been wanting to give a more feminine touch to our garments for a long time. I think our prints transmit joy and are a good wildcard to combine with plain garments, giving a little more colour and personality to a look. In the spring preview collection we have opted for large flowers with bright blues, giving a little novelty and freshness.

Which sustainable materials do you usually use for floral prints?

We usually print on LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and soon on organic poplin. We also use digital printing - which generates less waste and consumes less water and ink than screen printing.

What do you like most about spring?

What I like about spring is that the days start to get longer, and everything seems to be getting lighter and more alive. The warmer days are slowly coming back along with the much-needed rain! Personally, spring always makes me want to make plans and arrange excursions.

Styling Tips For Floral Prints

If you’re like Eli, then you’ll be needing new outfits for those spring excursions! Drawing on some of our latest looks, here are some top styling tips for floral prints

  • Get The Set

One of the most unique garments from our latest collection - referencing those “large flowers with bright blues” - is the Filfla watercolour floral print jumper. This beautiful sweatshirt is a sustainable statement piece for capsule wardrobes and for a variety of simple outfits. To lean completely into the loungewear look, get the matching Lebre shorts.

  • Skirt The Issue

We’re huge fans of the Calero skirt, which comes in two different floral prints. It can be complemented beautifully with any of our dark red or white sustainable tops, and is made from one of our favourite sustainable fibres: TENCEL™ Lyocell, which often wins comparisons to silk due to its ultra soft texture. Many of our sustainable dresses are made in this fashion. 

  • Layer With Matching Colours

As exemplified by this combo, it’s important to use some colour-common sense! Though not strictly a floral print, the light green Maug can be paired with a dark green jacket or jumper. For redder floral hues, opt for wine-dark vestes or knits. Failing that, black or white styles provide a neat offset for the floral prints trend.

  • Go Floral Year-Round

As 1èreavenue note, “unlike flowers, floral prints are an option for every season. They can be a foundational element for casual and professional wear at all times of the year.” While floral prints do vary, you can absolutely make use (and reuse!) of your sustainable floral print style across the seasons. For a floral accessory that can be used in the colder months as well as the warmer ones, look no further than our floral neck capelet. 

Sustainable Dresses Coming Soon…

There are plenty of new floral prints to look forward to in our forthcoming collection. These include light loungewear slip styles that feature bright floral prints. But there are also beautiful sustainable dresses that were made to sway in the spring breeze. Expect a brushstroke floral print featuring broad-leafed petals, or shirt-dresses with more understated blossom prints. We look forward to showing you the full range of sustainable dresses and sustainable florals, when the new collection bursts into life.