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Love The Swim You’re In! All-New Swimwear Styles

5 min read

Love The Swim You’re In! All-New Swimwear Styles

TWOTHIRDS swimwear is made for ocean lovers who seek practicality and timelessness. That’s not to say our sustainable swimwear styles aren’t beautiful - each year we add new prints, colours, and textures - but they are also made for the point-break as much as the pool. Think: summers spent riding the crest of a wave in Tenerife or diving into the transparent waters of Costa Brava. But what about sizing and cuts? 

Our designers have created something for everyone. To find out more, we talked to our women’s swimwear designer, Marina Giménez Dominguez. You may have met Marina before because she also designs our women’s underwear. Indeed, sustainable comfort is key to both.  

Having recently moved to Porto in Portugal, Marina has noticed the difference not just in culture, but also waves. The Atlantic, she told us, has a “melancholic” atmosphere. By comparison, the Mediterranean sea feels as calm as a swimming pool! In a way, this reflects the versatile nature of our swimwear, which is prepared for both extremes. 

Catch up with Marina, below.

Q&A With Swimwear Designer, Marina 

What's special about our swimwear this year?

This year we played around with our basics. We’ve never really followed trends because we’re trying to design something that can be used for many years. So it makes more sense to focus on “basics”, as they are styles that are not going to expire quickly. We noticed, for instance, that some of the major brands are introducing a lot of different (kind of weird!) cuts, which don’t fit with our philosophy or approach to design. They’re not that functional, whereas I would say TWOTHIRDS is very functional. If we do take on a trend we try to make it feel more human, rather than something that has come straight off the runway. 

How have we tried to make our swimwear more inclusive?

We’ve used stretchier and softer fabrics like our terry and piqué qualities. We’ve also brought in more gatherings, which can cover a greater or smaller area as desired. In terms of sizing, this is something we’re constantly trying to improve and this year we feel pretty confident that we’ve done it well. Several members of our team have tried on the garments to get a clear understanding of how well each style adapts based on the person’s body. We’ve made sure that women with different bust sizes feel comfortable in our swimwear

In all, we also have a lot more styles to choose from. For bottoms we now have 5 different fits from low rise to high rise so that customers can really decide how much coverage they want. 

What are your goals when designing a new garment?

I ask Customer Service a lot of questions to find out what we can improve. We really try to listen to that. For example we had some feedback that our sizes were running a bit small so we revised the measurement chart. One customer was asking if we could make the Lavezzi bodysuit into a two-piece: we are already taking that into consideration for next year! 

We have also really tried to adapt breast coverage this year, and fitting. Little by little we’re getting there (I think a lot better than in the past) but there’s still work to be done. 

We also look at the durability of fabrics - that’s important for us. 

Which piece(s) are you most excited about?

This season we’re introducing the Premuda boardshort, which is new for us. We were thinking that men have boardshorts, so why can’t women have them too? Specifically, the Premuda comes with a new composition that is bi-elastic meaning that it stretches both ways, allowing for greater flexibility and comfort. These boardshorts are designed for surfing, walking, canoeing or just getting right into the water! 

Again, they’re very functional because they have pockets and an elastic band at the back. Really inspired by surf culture and people who want to feel comfy and know that they’re not gonna lose their clothes while they surf!  

If they work well this season we’ll introduce more boardshorts - in new colours - next year.

New Swimwear Styles

A handpicked selection of 4 styles which illustrate Marina’s points.

Anvers Swimsuit

A beautiful basic, made using a piqué fabric that has a soft grained texture. Why piqué? Unlike the footballer of the same name, it’s loyal to your body’s every curve. These hips don’t lie.  

The Anvers has a backless design and dries quickly when you’re out of the water. It’s made from 91% ECONYL© regenerated polyamide and 9% Elastane, engendering optimal stretch and sustainability. ECONYL© involves the regeneration of used plastics, some of which have come from the ocean itself. 


Another basic with a twist - this bikini combo features the classic triangular design with tie closure and a high-waisted bottom that makes for a flattering silhouette.

The fabric has a matte finish and is more sporty than other models in our collection. With a UPF protective factor of +50 it also keeps the parts of the body that are covered, safe from the sun’s rays. 

Composition: 78% ECONYL© regenerated polyamide and 22% Elastane.


With another stretchy fabric, the Wyre adds a splash of colour to your wardrobe and easily adapts to different bust sizes. It includes a figure-hugging top and medium-rise bottom.  

Composition: 84% ECONYL® regenerated polyamide and 16% elastane.


The Onotoa is a great example of how our swimwear has diversified this year. A tee-shirt like design gives maximum coverage and features adjustable straps at the back. The gathering at the sides aids the adaptability of the style. All that, while still having the feel-good appearance of a bikini. 

Composition: 84% ECONYL® regenerated polyamide and 16% elastane.

Note: each swimwear design features an inner lining that provides added softness and durability. Details can be found on the garment’s product page. 

This blogpost has offered an introduction to the season’s swimwear. But there’s plenty more to discover: find the right style for you in our dedicated women’s swimwear section!