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Summertime Prints You Really Don’t Want To Miss!

4 min read

Summertime Prints You Really Don’t Want To Miss!

Who doesn’t love a good print? They add personality to a look and keep the compliments coming. But with so much on offer during summer, how do you pick the right print for you? We’ve made things as uncomplicated as possible by producing a concise range of high quality prints that can be found across many different garments. Less is more. 

And if you’re preoccupied with the potential environmental impacts of prints, fear not. TWOTHIRDS uses digital printing techniques (PLUS: amazing eco-friendly fabrics) to eliminate toxic waste or wastewater runoff. We take the “print” out of “footprint”. 

For the latest sustainable prints made for sipping cocktails by the pool - or bringing the beach to the office - peruse our list below! 

Big Palms

Palms are emblematic of some of the world’s best beach cities, from Miami to our hometown of Barcelona. Not only this but also the tried and tested surf spots we associate with big waves. We love the emotions palm prints evoke - bringing an instant hit of holiday vibes. Our bigger palm leaf prints strike the right balance between “busy” and “minimal”, with some styles showing an ecru base, and others a greener aloe vera hue that leaves you feeling suitably refreshed! If you look closely you’ll see that these prints are more detailed than they first appear - with varying shades of green producing a 3-D, lifelike effect that practically shimmers in the sunlight!

Style Highlights

  • Mavor Swim. A beautiful bikini combo made in a quick-drying recycled fabric. Don’t miss: the playful knot on the front and the high-rise bottoms that are perfect for surfers. 
  • Samama Shirt. Queen of summer, the Samama comes in a smart poplin fabric (only seen on the best quality shirts), vegan buttons, and a cropped cut. The palm print truly shines here. 
  • Premuda Shorts. Ever felt envious of the men who can strut their stuff in easy-to-wear boardshorts?! Well, these palm printed shorts provide the answer. Lovingly designed with an elastic waistband, side pockets and vibrant whale embroidery at the bottom. In GRS certified recycled polyester. 

Mini Palms

If you prefer understated, quietly confident prints, we’ve got your back too! You’ll spot a very special palm tree print in our latest women’s collection, composed of Duck Green and Desert Sage colours. Showing palms swaying in the breeze, this mini palm print will be a beautiful Barcelona-themed addition to your summer wardrobe.

Style Highlights

  • Wajag dress. A wrap dress that feels effortlessly cool in the summer heat, this design is elegant, refined, and the envy of all. With simple belt closure.  

Did you know? There are more than 2,500 palm tree species in the world! This diversity is what makes every palm tree so weirdly wonderful. Even writing this from our luminous office in the hills of Barcelona, we can see several palms waving through the window. No surprise that we decided to include them in our new collection!


You might not think of waves when you first see our next summer print. But this design is inspired by all the colours of the ocean, from pink coral through to orange starfish and navy blue. There are no straight lines on this print, with our preference being to show the fluidity and movement of the waves as they strike the shore. 

Style Highlights

  • Sverdrup dress. Cut to maxi length for maxi-mum style, the Sverdrup features thin spaghetti straps and is made from an eco-friendly form of viscose. It looks dazzling on a summer’s day.  
  • Endelave top. For a more versatile look you can opt for the wave print in a top version. A design that embodies spring/summer energy. Pair it with your favourite pair of shorts or jeans!


If you’ve been following our men’s print releases, you’ll know that this year is the summer of shapes. That extends to our swimwear which features a funky geometric pattern, made of circles, squares and triangles in varying shades of green. Menswear to swear by this summer.

Style Highlight

  • Rah boardshorts. Lightweight, flexible and without any abrasive linings, these boardshorts feel awesome in and out of the water. Made from supple recycled polyester and elastane, they’ll be the talk of the town when you wear them this summer

Daisy Green 

If you are looking for an eye-catching print for your swimwear this summer, you’ll find it in the form of one of our favourite summer styles. Featuring a playful floral print that harks back to the 60s, in a decidedly modern cut.   

Style Highlight

  • Onotoa top and bottom. Comfy swimwear that provides extra coverage in all the right places. This delightful print is green in every sense. 

Prints are part of the TWOTHIRDS identity. Thanks to a team of creative designers who pull together various sources of inspiration, we’re able to bring you brand new styles that have an unmistakable surf and Mediterranean vibe. We hope you love them as much as we do!