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No Green, No Blue

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No Green, No Blue


Thank you for all of your support. We have exceeded our goal by an overwhelming amount!

During this Green Week we have planted 5,446 TREES in Brazil. The WeForest project focuses on reconnecting remaining patches of the Atlantic forest through forest corridors so that wildlife can continue to reproduce and thrive.

Together we have taken a step further to preserve the environment. Let’s continue to take care and protect what you love.

Check out our Tree Certificate.

Did you know, that the oceans are the main sink of global CO2? They are responsible for up to 50% of all the COthat is absorbed from the atmosphere and stored for a longer period of time. The carbon is mainly absorbed by plankton, fish, corals, and algae. However, we are currently overusing this capacity. Global warming and over absorption of COlead to higher acidity within the oceans, which in turn makes it harder for the organisms that absorb the COto survive.

Therefore, we need other CO2 sinks. The second largest sink are forests, where CO2 is absorbed through photosynthesis and oxygen is released in turn. But as you could see this summer in the Amazon forest (among others), also forests are under heavy stress and face deforestation. We therefore have decided to team up with WeForest in Brazil, who plant trees and by doing so create wildlife corridors for one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. So, this project does not only help to capture carbon, but also helps Amazonian wildlife. You can find more information on the project, as well as an interactive map on their website.

This year, we are going to turn black week green, and together with you we will plant one tree per order placed from the 24th of November to the 2nd of December. Help us to protect the oceans. No Green, no Blue.

You can find more information about this issue here or you can read this report about WeForest Brazil.