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Protect What You Love

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Protect What You Love

Our team at TWOTHIRDS is not only producing sustainable clothing for you, but stands completely behind the “Fridays for Future” movement and scientists all over the world.

The climate is changing and we need to protect what we love!

On our “summer SUP team session” and beach clean-up, we were very happy to see that this particular beach did not have a lot of rubbish to be collected. But unfortunately, not every beach, every sea and every country are this lucky.

As we wrote in the “Maldives Collection” blog post, we can say from our own experience that small island states and/or developing countries are especially affected.

With a fast arriving globalisation, lack of resources and mostly an almost unsustainable amount of tourists visiting these beautiful island paradises with their small landmass and short waterways, islands and their surrounding oceans are among the most vulnerable places for pollution.

We have a deep connection to the oceans not only through our items, named after islands around the world, so we were very happy to have found CommonSeas and their Clean Blue Alliance project. This special project is supporting islands in countries such as the Maldives, Greece and Indonesia with waste management, innovative reduce/reuse/recycle projects, education, awareness and other solutions.

Find more information about their mission and success here.

Please help us create awareness and change within people, governments and the tourism industry in order to protect the environment.

With much respect,
The people from TWOTHIRDS.