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See The Wonderful Results Of Our 2023 Whale Day Contest!

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See The Wonderful Results Of Our 2023 Whale Day Contest!

A new pod of whales has arrived on the coast of Barcelona just in time for the beginning of Spring! They’ve been sent from all over the world, and represent the diversity of our wonderful ocean community. But which of your Whale Day submissions has won? Read on to find out… 

We were absolutely blown away by the response that our first Whale Challenge garnered in 2020, as part of our Stay-At-Home Chronicles. Submissions reflected the values of compassion, humour, and solidarity that were critical to our collective wellbeing during lockdown. In busying your hands and minds with the Whale Challenge, you created an ocean of empathy that - to say the least - cheered us right up!

Whether out of nostalgia, or to make February as Blue as possible, we invited everyone to participate in a new challenge, in honour of Whale Day 2023. Via a special video made right here in the TWOTHIRDS office, our creative director, Emil Kozak, set you the task of making, creating, even baking (!) your very own whale

The response to our Whale Day contest was once again, amazing. We received snapshots of etchings, cookies, prints, drawings, - even 3-D cards. Check out the twothirds whale day hashtag for all the entries. Here are the winners…

Our 3 Whale Day Winners 

Our 1st place contest winner (announced at 22:00 CET) will receive 350 euros, 2nd place: 200 euros and 3rd place: 100 euros to spend on the TWOTHIRDS site. The home of eco-friendly clothing made with the ocean at heart. 

Inspired By The TWOTHIRDS Whale

While we’re sure you already know lots about our brand and its “ocean-friendly” outlook, you may not know the history of our humble whale icon. This little fella is embroidered on the chest of many of our garments, representing our heartfelt bond with the ocean. Emil told us back in 2020, “I’ve been drawing whales for about 20 years, there’s something mystical about them. They’re peaceful giants.” From a design perspective, “they are one of those shapes that you can boil down to the absolute minimum and still make it legible. As bold and clear as a lightning bolt.”

Equally bold and clear is the artistic ability of our ocean community. We can’t wait to see what you do next.