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Summer Capsule: Sunrise Lights

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Summer Capsule: Sunrise Lights

Clara and Adrian are a couple that belongs to the sea. They can’t fathom living far away from water, so that’s why they decided to start a new life together in Barcelona; near the Mediterranean Sea.

Clara is an actress by trade, but enjoys photography and traveling just as much as her days on set. Clara was brought up in a small town outside of Barcelona but moved to the city to be closer to the growing cultural scene and to further her acting career. She can’t imagine living in a city without the sea nearby and that’s one of the reasons we get along so well!

Adrian is an Australian documentary and editorial travel photographer, and graphic designer. He’s also an avid surfer so when he’s not traveling or working, you can find him at the beach. Adrian is originally from the Gold Coast in Australia but was drawn to the balance of culture, city, and beach life that Barcelona has to offer. It was also a chance for him to learn a new language.

Why have the two of you chosen Barcelona to be your home?

Adrian: I had always been interested in coming to Barcelona since I was a teenager, the balance of culture, city and beaches was appealing and the chance to learn another language.

Clara: I came from a town close to Barcelona so I haven't change a lot. But when I moved to Barcelona when I was younger I was looking for a city with more cultural scene, more things to do and obviously grow in my profession.  

If you could bring anything from Australia, Adrian, what would it be?

For sure certain parts of nature like the ocean and waves to surf consistently, and a lot of beautiful tropical wildlife plants, fruit, etc. that you cannot find here.

How does the ocean inspire you?

Adrian: I think there is something special about living next to the ocean, sea or a body of water... being able to look into an endless horizon, being able to surf and swim and explore another world that is separated from the land is really special. It has a positive effect on your thoughts and emotions and can also be very humbling as it makes you realise how small you are and the need to co-operate and co-exist with such a powerful and important thing that is nature.

Clara: Ocean is the most beautiful element that we have on Earth. It's mysterious, and it has multiples personalities, the harmony of its movements and the beauty of its colours. Always inspired by ocean and its energy.

Clara, what are your motivations behind the acting roles you choose?

Most of the acting roles I have had I Idid not choose but were given to me. When I am given a role to play I prepare and motivate myself by creating a life for the character that I am playing. I imagine their childhood, who their family is, what they like to do and try to put myself in the life of this character as much as I can. As well I research with inspirations and references that the director has for that shoot, like watching movies, etc.

Adrian, you’re a very creative photographer. What drew you to the craft?

I started taking photos when I started travelling a lot in my early 20's, the more places I went the more I became interested in finding new ways to capture and portray the atmosphere and situations I was experiencing. I was working as a graphic designer at the time and I guess I just applied my eye from graphic design to how I see and capture things in the world also.

What are your favourite pieces from Twothirds?

Adrian: I am looking forward to the new mens range coming up with the plain button up shirts and other basics too. I mostly wear plain clothes so looking forward to more of that.

Clara: I love the last collection of overalls, shirts, shorts with this material Tencel and all the colours I would like all the colours for me. As well I love The Jacket: Viana. So I don't know which one to choose of all of this! 

Sea you soon!

Adrian Morris & Clara Privat