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The people behind TWOTHIRDS

2 min read

The people behind TWOTHIRDS

At TWOTHIRDS we try to be as transparent as possible and after many discussions with you about our processes and our mission, we thought it was time to introduce the people behind the brand. The people who tirelessly aim to give you the best quality products with sustainability in mind. We have never claimed that our products are for everyone but everyone who chooses our products becomes a part of the family and it’s time you meet that family.

What started as a small team of 3 and a couple of stores has grown enormously in the past few years to a team of 20. In the beginning, our stores acted as a warehouse and shipment centre but as we saw the online sales increasing we decided our efforts would be better invested in the online orders. This gave us a greater opportunity to focus on the care and quality of the product.

In a small company, every person needs to be proactive with a thirst for positive change and progress. We are really lucky to have found people who believed in our project from the very beginning and aligned with our philosophies. They made TWOTHIRDS what it is and are genuinely pushing our company to the next level. They never accept the status quo and try to make things better on a daily basis, whether that involves sustainability issues, quality control, or overall customer satisfaction.

There are a few things we all have in common that make us feel like the dream team. We are VERY international! Our team is made up of people from all over the world: Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Colombia, Holland, and Venezuela. This diversity brings more open-mindedness to the workplace and encourages everyone to learn about other cultures. We love to laugh and although we all speak English in the office, it’s funny to hear others learning new words from other languages. We are all people who love the sea in our own ways: surfing, sailing, diving, SUPing or just simply ocean lovers.

It is so gratifying to see our team growing. Together, we will keep pushing the boundaries for new and more sustainable ways to produce your favourite pieces. 

With much respect, the family at TWOTHIRDS.