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Sustainable Xmas Gifts: Show Love To Him, Her, & The Planet

4 min read

Sustainable Xmas Gifts: Show Love To Him, Her, & The Planet

What constitutes a sustainable Christmas gift? The way we see it, sustainable beanies, eco-friendly scarves, ceramic mugs, and cosy ethical blankets should be made of low impact materials and delivered to customers in sustainable paper packaging so beautiful that environmentally harmful wrapping paper need never be used again. 

Sound like a good idea? Get your family sustainable Xmas gifts from TWOTHIRDS this year and they’ll export more of the same every festive season! The added benefit of a TWOTHIRDS eco Christmas gift or sustainable stocking filler is that whoever does the giving or receiving can rest easy on Boxing Day, safe in the knowledge that their Xmas gifts were made in line with strict sustainability values and ethics.

Gifts For When She’s Cold

Of all the sustainable fashion accessories in our range, eco-friendly beanies are the ones that sell the best in the leadup to the festive period. This is because they are made from the finest organic and recycled fibres, designed to keep her head warm no matter the weather. 

Our Ribbed Beanie is a particular hit this winter, coming in a multitude of nature-inspired colours, it is made from a blend of recycled materials and the finest mulesing-free virgin wool. The Merino Beanie for women is another sustainable hat that’s popular in our ocean-loving community, because its merino wool fibres are breathable, temperature regulating, and yet warm when you need them to be. 

Last but by no means least there are our sustainable bobble hats like the Nukuoro Beanie or Kayangel Beanie both of which somehow feel warmer than other sustainable beanies thanks to the addition of a classic bobble. Any of these eco-friendly beanies are perfect for hitting the mountains or windswept beaches.

If sustainable beanies are not her thing, then we also have a range of eco-friendly scarves and sustainable neck warmers, as well as some of the cosiest sustainable socks that human feet have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Some of the chunkiest and warmest eco-friendly socks in our range include the Alofi Socks and the Grindall, the latter made from 100% recycled materials.

Gifts For When She’s Surfing

While it may feel like winter will never end, it’s only a matter of time before spring rolls around and sustainable beachwear once again becomes a necessity. For the surfer girls and women in your life, there’s nothing better than a sustainable beach towel or eco-friendly blanket, made from materials like Recover™ and SEAQUAL®, the latter partly derived from salvaged ocean plastic waste. 

That’s right, lots of our sustainable blankets and eco-friendly towels help clear harmful plastic waste from the sea. We even have a Limited Edition picnic blanket made from in-house deadstock Shetland wool, for when it’s warm enough to get the picnic hamper out.

Gifts For When He’s Chilly

If you’re a big fan of TWOTHIRDS’ sustainable clothing but can’t convince your significant other or family members to make the switch to sustainable fashion, then eco-friendly fashion accessories are the perfect gateway to new eco horizons. Lots of our sustainable clothing accessories are unisex. Simply size up accordingly.

Sustainable beanies are once again the sustainable Christmas gifts that never fail, with the Merino wool Assateague coming in a hipster cut that will be all the rage this winter. The Grindall and Umisk sustainable socks are also a perfect option for the men in your life whose toes feel the cold.

Gifts For All The Family

Of course it is never just your partner you need to find sustainable Christmas gifts for. There are always hordes of nieces, nephews, grandparents and everyone else in between. For eco gifts such as these we have lots of small one-off items which are as charming as they are useful. 

Take our Thermo Bottle designs, for example, coming in a plethora of incredible colours and with graphics that include our favourite TWOTHIRDS whale or artistic typography. Your family will never have to use plastic bottles ever again! The tops of these bottles are even made from sustainably sourced bamboo, to give an incredibly organic touch and feel.

If you can’t see your beloved grandma or grandpa switching to a reusable bottle anytime soon, perhaps they will be convinced by one of our sustainable tote bags, many of which are big enough to double as eco-friendly beach bags. Right now we have a number of extra special Limited Edition eco tote bags in stock, some boasting super soft organic corduroy designs.

Gifts For Work Colleagues

We’re not suggesting you get sustainable Xmas gifts for everyone at work, but perhaps just those office besties that get you through the day. The perfect eco-friendly gifts for exactly this purpose are our ceramic ocean mugs, which will be the envy of everyone who sees them at the office coffee machine in the new year.

Meanwhile, for those truly difficult so-and-sos who refuse to tell you exactly what they want for Xmas, our TWOTHIRDS gift cards cover any holes you might have in your sustainable Christmas gift game.