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Where Should Our Next Pop-Up Be? And Merry Christmas Ocean Lovers!

2 min read

Where Should Our Next Pop-Up Be? And Merry Christmas Ocean Lovers!

Saturday the 16th of December was a big day for TWOTHIRDS. We transformed our HQ into the first ever TWOTHIRDS Xmas pop-up shop, inviting the Barcelona portion of our ocean community to come and meet the crew, peruse incredible sample discounts, and to even indulge in some Christmas punch and home baked cookies. The response was incredible, with visitors patiently queuing out the door, as people took the opportunity to grab great value, sustainable Christmas gifts.

“You should totally do one of these in the summer.” - one happy Pop-Up customer 

Being a 100% online sustainable fashion brand, we have sometimes been a little shy about jumping offline to promote our mission – to protect what we love: our ocean. All that will change in 2024. This is just the beginning of TWOTHIRDS making a concerted effort to reach out into the community, to literally open our doors, so that slow fashion fans can feel part of our movement more than ever before. With this in mind, where do you think our next pop-up shop should be? Berlin, London, Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Barcelona (part 2)?

“Where do you think our next Pop-Up shop should be? Berlin, London, Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Copenhagen?” 

Do Pop-Ups Mean You Have Abandoned PRE-ORDER?

The answer to this question is an emphatic NO! Far from abandoning PRE-ORDER, our pop-ups will become a crucial part of a system which has been at the forefront of showing what’s possible when it comes to the reduction of overproduction and fashion waste. 

We were very open and honest throughout our pop-up event with the fact that most of the clothing on display was a selection of samples and returns, many of which would not go back into general circulation. In practice this means that there were items on sale which were not sized quite correctly or which had tiny defects. Rather than this limited amount of stock going to waste, or collecting dust in a warehouse, we thought it better to see if people could find it a home for Christmas.

In this way, we were able to provide an event that our community loved, while also continuing our obsession with using every last thread of eco-friendly fabric and sustainable yarn. It’s for this reason that we won’t be holding pop-ups on a monthly basis, but hopefully just at select times of the year, when we have enough excess stock to warrant it. 

In the meantime, we will keep working hard with our PRE-ORDER system, to ensure that overproduction levels are kept lower than ever and we only use the raw materials we need.

Wishing A Very Merry Christmas To Our Ocean Community

The pop-up aside, as a team we also wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas! Despite all the doom and gloom news stories connected to climate change and the environment, we are strongly of the opinion that our community should remain positive and upbeat. Together we can defeat fast fashion and work to protect the ocean for future generations.