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Team Picks: Men’s Swimwear

4 min read

Team Picks: Men’s Swimwear

Ignacio Rocha-Martin - Web Content Editor - Beach Lover

Affectionately known by the TWOTHIRDS crew as Nacho, Ignacio is part of a dynamic duo who keep our website looking fresh and running smoothly. When he’s not ensuring that our ethical clothing and sustainable fashion accessories are presented correctly online, he can usually be found sporting a pair of our eco-friendly boardshorts, down on one of Barcelona’s many local beaches.

Such is his love of everything beach-related, Nacho is the perfect man to test our sustainable boardshorts, with him putting their recycled SEAQUAL® yarn and other ocean-friendly materials through their paces on beach volleyball courts, paddleboards, windsurfs and everything in between. Here are the sustainable beachwear pieces that Nacho will be rocking around La Barceloneta this summer. 

Because Nacho was a little shy about the prospect of being the star of his very own ethical swimwear fashion shoot, we have enlisted the services of professional models to show off these ethical garments on his behalf.


When Nacho isn’t racking up the points on the beach volleyball court, one of his favourite beach pastimes is to get away from the shore’s crowds by taking a paddle board out to sea. The Gizo is the ideal sustainable boardshort for paddleboarding - its 100% SEAQUAL® yarn as robust as you’ll find on any piece of ethical swimwear.

An elasticated waistband and accompanying drawstring (also made from recycled materials) complete the look of this eco-friendly boardshort, which is partly made from recycled ocean plastic and has any wearer looking cool, calm, and collected, however deep the water gets. 

“I like the three pockets on the Gizo,” says Nacho. “ I can wear them on the beach but then also to a bar or cafe, safe in the knowledge I can carry my wallet, phone and keys without having to get changed at the beach. I hate doing that whole awkward thing where you change with a towel wrapped around you, hoping it won’t unravel and leave you exposed to the whole beach…”. 

Amen to that, Nacho!


Literally cut from the same cloth as the Gizo comes the Longana, whose point of difference is its bold block-colour stripes. 

Stripes are never far away from the minds of our designers,” says Nacho, “so you know there’s always going to be a boardshort that rocks some cool stripes. The Longana’s don’t disappoint, but watch out, because that top white stripe gets a little see-through when wet. Maybe you should cut that bit out, no?” 

No, Nacho, we think it’s important to be transparent about such issues. Don’t worry, the stripe is positioned high enough so that transparency in this case doesn’t turn into terrible embarrassment.


Our famous TWOTHIRDS RE-TECH stamp of approval features on the Leinakel, a sustainable boardshort that is a little tighter fitting and given a more minimalist feel than the Longana or Gizo eco-friendly swim shorts

“I don’t surf myself,” said Nacho, “but I’ve spotted more than a few Barcelona locals surfing in the Leinakel. There are those classic TWOTHIRDS stripes again!” 

Yes indeed, and the Leinakel’s ocean-friendly credentials stack up too, with 90% of their fabric consisting of recycled plastic, which would simply have become waste were it not turned into a sustainable boardshort.

Munda & Rah

Similar in every way to the Leinakel but bearing summer-inspired prints instead of stripes, the Munda and the Rah have a waistband design that sits flush against your skin, providing superior comfort as well as a flattering fit. 

“Both these shorts are really lightweight.” says Nacho. “I sometimes wear them around the house as pyjamas, that way if I feel like putting on my flip flops and heading to the beach I can do it whenever I want.” 

Like we told you, the beach is never far from Nacho’s mind, nor indeed from his front door.

Barizo & Other Shorter Cuts

“Of all the sustainable boardshorts designs at TWOTHIRDS, these shorter cuts are the ones I enjoy using most to play beach volleyball in.” 

Who can argue with that!? These super sustainable boardshorts (made partly from recycled waste plastic bottles) provide the perfect blend of flexibility, versatility and style. They come with handy side pockets, their fabric is gentle on your skin, and they boast a mesh lining that adds extra comfort and support. The Barizo is far from the only one of our men’s eco-friendly swimwear pieces that sports this compact design, with others including the Chatham, the Komoran and the Fornos.