Sustainable Swimwear for Men

How can sustainable men's swimwear protect the ocean?

How can a humble bikini or boardshort push back against the threats faced by our ocean? Well, ensuring they are made from ocean-friendly materials is a start. Much of our sustainable men's swimwear range is partially made from recycled ocean plastic, so that each surf-inspired design has a net-positive impact on what we hold so dear: our ocean.

What are sustainable boardshorts?

Boardshorts are discernible from regular swim shorts because they are designed to let their wearers get out among wild waves and surf. Whether you want to swim or grab a surfboard, all our boardshorts allow for a full range of motion, while also being at the peak of sustainable ocean fashion.

Is SEAQUAL® as durable as other more traditional fabrics for sustainable men's swimwear?

SEAQUAL® is an innovative fabric we use for eco-friendly men's swimwear that’s partly derived from recycled ocean plastic waste, meaning every piece made from SEAQUAL® has played its part in reducing landfill usage and ocean dumping. Far from being an eco-friendly fabric that compromises on performance, it has qualities that include remarkable strength, stretchiness and versatility, and all the while emits up to 60% less C02 during its production than virgin polyester.

What makes our sustainable men's swimwear so eco-friendly?

Our sustainable men's swimwear is crafted with eco-friendly materials, including recycled ocean plastics. By choosing sustainable resources, we reduce environmental impact and support cleaner oceans, contributing to a greener planet with every purchase.

Can sustainable men's swimwear be as stylish and durable as traditional options?

Absolutely! Our sustainable men's swimwear combines fashion with function. It's designed for comfort, style, and durability, offering a wide range of motion for swimming or surfing without sacrificing ecological responsibility.

How can I care for my ethical men’s swimwear to ensure its longevity?

Caring for your ethical men’s swimwear is easy. Rinse in cold water after use, avoid bleach, and hang to dry. This simple care advice extends your swimwear's life, maintaining its quality and sustainability.