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The Baltic Sea

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The Baltic Sea

When I grew up at the Baltic Sea it was split into two. Germany was not yet reunified and from the house of my parents we could see the other side of the coast of our bay and it was dark. It was the eastern part of Germany and the state did not allow anyone to go to the beach because they were afraid that people would escape. Stories were being told of people escaping the communist republic and swimmers would be found on buoys in the middle of winter rescued by cruising ships that discovered them. There were also two friends that escaped in the middle of winter crossing the bay with windsurfers through the fog, one made it and the other did not. After Germany’s reunification the sea really started to flourish and soon we saw more and more lights at the other side of our bay and now you can find beautiful sea villages all along its coastline.

As a teenager it’s typical that whatever you have you probably appreciate less. So we complained that there were no waves that it was boring. Now coming back we realize what a stunning place it is. The combination of a little lake-like sea with endless dunes,  little islands, fjords amazing watercolors and most of all endless horizons because the landscape is dead flat.

It is the perfect place to visit if you wanna get away, to have some quiet time, to meditate, to connect to nature and yourself. It is not that touristic yet and you can find places of complete solitude.

Being such a landlocked sea has one major disadvantage, the Baltic Sea suffers heavily from the agriculture at its shores and many cetaceans have disappeared over time and it’s one of the seas that needs immediately more protection to flourish again.

In our Baltic Capsule we made all jackets rain proof. As the northern Germans say, the weather is never wrong, you just might not wear the right coat.