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The Mind Behind - Children of the Ocean - 1st Birthday!

6 min read

The Mind Behind - Children of the Ocean - 1st Birthday!

The founding mother of TWOTHIRDS, Loreto Gala has always brought maternal care and attention to our ocean-friendly brand of sustainable fashion. In 2022 she put in motion a project that had been playing on her mind for years: an eco clothing brand for kids, that would help the growing TWOTHIRDS community dress in harmony, in styles that encouraged younger generations to down their screens and reconnect with nature.

So it was that Children of the Ocean was born, as fate would have it, at around the same time that Loreto’s son, Linus, was also born. Yep, it’s fair to say that Loreto had lots on her plate in 2022! Now that the dust has settled, Loreto took a moment to tell the story of a slow fashion brand for kids and families who want to find harmony with the natural world.

What is the one overriding emotion you feel now that your creation has turned 1-year-old?

Pride, but also excitement for what the future might hold. When I set out to create Children of the Ocean the concept was to cater to those in the TWOTHIRDS community who, like us, had become parents, and who wanted sustainable clothing options for their kids. 

From the outset we wanted to use minimalist colours and styles so that childrens’ outfits would compliment those of their parents. Designs were also conceived to mirror beach and ocean environments, especially the Mediterranean. The pride comes from having seen our design team bring those ideas to life in the most spectacular way, to produce sustainable tops, eco-friendly bottoms and ethical one-pieces that any TWOTHIRDS parent would be proud to clothe their children in.

Has your vision for Children of the Ocean changed during the last 12 months?

The truth is that because you’re always learning what works and what doesn’t, your initial vision has to adjust a little. For example, one of the challenges we’ve faced are the different body types of the children we make sustainable clothes for. Many of the sizes and cuts that fit perfectly on people from Northern European countries tend not to fit so well for children from Southern European countries, so this is something we’ve had to take into account at a design level. 

We’ve also found that top selling styles in our adult range tend to do well in Children of the Ocean as well. It is this trend that will likely shape how the brand moves forward, with matching mother/daughter and father/son styles being made more available. 

The other thing we were keen to achieve when the brand first set sail was to create ethical fashion styles and designs that were quite minimalistic and inspired by the Waldorf philosophy of education. The idea was to create a relatively neutral canvas upon which children could decide who they become, rather than following a crowd or clique. 

While those sentiments remain at the core of what Children of the Ocean is all about, we have noticed that some graphic designs (our beloved TWOTHIRDS whale for example) are particularly treasured, because they encourage playfulness and the sheer joy of what it is to be a kid. This means we envisage tasking Emil Kozak, our creative merman, with dreaming up more beautiful graphic designs for our kids range. Get your pencils and paint brushes ready, Emil! 

Everybody seemed to love the Baler baby body! Is more baby clothing on the way?

I would love that! However, when I think about how I’ve gone about clothing my own family, I have tended to rely on secondhand clothing and hand-me-downs from friends and family rather than brand new pieces. Maybe there’s something to be learnt from that. At the end of the day, babies grow so quickly that it’s unsustainable, both financially and environmentally, for new parents to be buying new baby clothes every month. 

Our cute baby body is different, because it can easily be passed down to other people and is pretty timeless. So for now we’ll probably just stick with the Baler or maybe a slightly different sustainable baby body design.

How do your own kids continue to inspire Children of the Ocean?

When it comes to functionality my kids are constantly testing our sustainable clothing to the max, because we always encourage them to be as active as possible, usually in the outdoors. This way, they are always giving feedback about which pieces of eco clothing are the most comfortable to do a cartwheel in or to ride a skateboard in.

The other way in which my four little ones shape Children of the Ocean is by telling me which adult styles they like the look of. This way I’m able to gauge which designs it might be worth creating a kids version of. 

Where do you want to take Children of the Ocean next?

My enduring dream scenario for Children of the Ocean is that it becomes THE sustainable clothing alternative for entire families, providing clothes that are then passed down to younger siblings and future generations, so that our eco-friendly fabrics become part of a family’s very own fabric or makeup.

To do that I envisage creating a vibrant community of eco-conscious people, especially those very first sustainability influencers whose children are now entering their teenage years and want to express themselves in exciting ways that could revolutionise the way we see the world, and co-exist with nature. Ultimately, I see Children of the Ocean becoming more than just a sustainable clothing brand, one that incorporates lifestyle, activism and provides resources to help families interact and grow together. I’ve found it never hurts to dream big! Another big idea that I’d love to make a reality one day is to publish a magazine to accompany the brand - one that puts a particular emphasis on teenagers.

I see teenagers as being something of an untapped niche, both in the sustainable fashion world but also in wider society. Their voice is often drowned out, despite them being tomorrow’s biggest change makers, who will be crucial to the future of our planet.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Not really, just that I want to continue to reflect the ocean-loving community we represent and that free-spirited surfer lifestyle. Whatever twists and turns happen in the Children of the Ocean story, the brand’s message will always be centred around getting back to nature and kids putting screens down, to connect with nature, community, family and friends.

Download a special drawing from our creative guru Emil Kozak. Colour it in however you like and post your masterpiece on social media using the hashtag #childrenoftheocean

Download the drawing