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The Xmas Gift Guide For Her

5 min read

The Xmas Gift Guide For Her

Season’s greetings! Need a little help choosing the best eco-friendly gift for her? With so many awesome styles to surf through on our online store, we can understand it’s hard to make a choice. Luckily, our festive gift guide turns a snowy spotlight on our most giftable items. 

Did you know that women are statistically more likely to receive a present they don’t want? Besides being disappointing, this isn’t particularly sustainable, so it seems sensible to think carefully before you buy. To help, we’ve grouped our gifts according to the people we designed them for: ocean lovers, style fanatics, romantics, and eco enthusiasts! Rest assured, you’ll find the right eco gift for her. 

For Ocean Lovers 

1. The Sailor Top

Why she’ll love it: the Ramadas is a wonderful basic with plenty of nautical influence. Wavy sailor stripes are paired with whale embroidery. It’s comfy too: with a high, ribbed neckline and slim fit that tucks close to the body. A definite crowd-pleaser, this versatile style charms everyone with its ocean motifs.

2. The Jacket For Every Shore

Why she’ll love it: this puffer jacket is ludicrously warm and is made from recycled plastics, mainly bottles. As an ocean lover, she’ll know why that’s a good thing: less waste plastic = cleaner shores. The Hirado features elasticated sleeves and deep pockets to keep extremities warm. It’s the closest she’ll get to wearing a duvet!

3. Message In A (Thermo) Bottle

Why she’ll love it: our thermo bottles are the ideal stocking filler. Made from robust stainless steel and with instantly recognisable designs, she’ll open it and know that you remembered A) her favourite eco brand and B) that she needed a refillable bottle for your next adventure together. What’s the message here? A simple one: you care. 

For Style Fanatics

4. An Organic Knit For Warmer Hugs

Why she’ll love it: the Jomfruene comes in a festive colour (hint: red) and soothing organic cotton. It has a distinctive design, with various knitted textures that come together beautifully. It’s perfect for sensitive skin too - free of any traces of pesticides or fertilisers - and softer than wool. Check out our knit section if you’re keen to browse the competition. 

5. The Dress To Impress

Why she’ll love it: this gorgeous dress is classy, elegant, and eco-friendly. Destined to become a statement piece in her wardrobe, the Vanavana comes in black or red and is made from the queen of all eco fibres: TENCEL™ Lyocell. In case you didn’t know already - TENCEL™ feels like silk but comes from wood cellulose, making it 100% vegan too.

6. Scarves That Know Less Is More

Why she’ll love it: this minimalistic scarf knows its job and does it well. A practical alternative to flowy and showy scarves, the Grand Manan is made from merino wool, a thermo-regulator that will keep the recipient nice and warm. Trust us - they’ll thank you.

7. The Festive Roll-Neck

Why she’ll love it: practical, smart, and oh-so cosy, this roll-neck sweater, the Sierra, will turn heads for its toned-down Xmas pattern and creamy ribbed edges. For the total outfit, pick up the Sierra beanie too. 

For Romantics

8. The Jacket That Says “I Love You”

Why she’ll love it: this one is top of the list for romantic gestures - wrapping her up in 700gsm of shetland wool, a thick fabric that keeps the heat in and the cold out. It comes with a charming sherpa fleece collar, and no less than 8 corozo buttons. Cropped and with round edges, Dundas is extremely easy on the eye.

9. Underwear That’s Seamlessly Devoted

Why she’ll love it: both our community and our team agree that this is the comfiest underwear they’ve ever worn. Free of all the unnecessaries (seams, labels, pointy bits) that can complicate underwear, our seamless styles are simple, beautiful, and a joy to wear. This one shows that you pay attention to the details, and want her to feel as comfortable as possible. The perfect gift. 

10. Pyjamas For Xmas Mornings

Why she’ll love it: these floral pyjama bottoms (and top) are cosy, feminine, and slightly stretchy. They’re made mostly from organic cotton - perfect for a lay-in on a crisp winter’s morn. The Lauley bottoms and Kassari top are a match made in heaven.

For Style Fanatics

11. The - Recycled! - Xmas Jumper

Why she’ll love it: the Chiswell is a fun festive garment that nonetheless takes sustainability seriously. Like all the styles above, it’s crafted in Northern Portugal and designed to last. Happily, it’s also made from a trio of recycled fibres! The go-to choice for the person in your life who puts the planet before everything. After all, just because you’re green doesn’t mean you have to be the Grinch.

12. A Top Sourced From Plants

Why she’ll love it: the Nanshan top is entirely plant-based, being made from a mix of sustainably sourced viscose and linen. As if to reflect these botanic & earthly roots, it comes in dark green or chestnut brown. Featuring a stylish triangular design on the front and gathered shoulders for a feminine flourish.

13. Socks - what else?

Why she’ll love it: everyone needs socks, right? Wrong. Everyone needs these socks. Crafted from Recover™ recycled cotton, recycled polyester and elastane, the Nyord are just about the most sustainable socks we make (the striped Umisk are a close second). They come in an always-versatile black colour with a healthy helping of multi-coloured neps. And if they’re not quite her style, you can check out the alternatives here

Ps. Like these ideas but can’t make up your mind? Let them decide with a TWOTHIRDS gift card. From one ocean lover to another!