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The Xmas Gift Guide For Him

4 min read

The Xmas Gift Guide For Him

Finding the perfect gift for him at Christmas presents its own set of challenges. Namely, how to get something he really likes? If he’s the sustainable type, the task can feel even tougher! But we’re big believers that shopping sustainably should be a pleasure not a pain. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for men, featuring 13 of our best-loved menswear styles. Whether you’re shopping for your brother, your partner, your friend, or your dad - expect to find everything you need right here. 

For Ocean Lovers

1. The Only Shirt He’ll Need

Why he’ll love it: Crafted from high quality micro-corduroy, our Cook shirt is dependable, cosy, and low impact. The buttons are recycled and the feel-good fabric is organic. It’s available in 6 different colours, among them Dark Sea and South Sea: two shades of ocean love.

2. Storm In A Teacup

Why he’ll love it: a good one for dads and boyfriends alike, our ceramic mugs are smooth, robust, and built for the best cuppa on earth. They come with different slogans or patterns on them, from our classic Whale icon through to “Protect What You Love” and “Good Vibes”. An excellent stocking filler.

3. The Fisherman’s Jacket

Why he’ll love it: a fold-away hood, a recycled material, a cool design - need we say more? Recycling single-use plastics into a beautiful sustainable jacket that was made for people who care about protecting the ocean, and staying warm of course. The Naigani is guaranteed to raise his christmas spirits. 

For Minimalists

4. The Essential Tee

Why he’ll love it: You can’t get more streamlined than this tee. The Monothaki’s solid structure and regular fit make it suitable for any guy, and ensure that it will last through the ages. Ideal if he’s building a capsule wardrobe or needs several basics to back-up his look. Available in 5 different colours - from Dark Olive to Black. 

5. Effortlessly Cool Beanies

Why he’ll love it: this is a must-have for style conscious minimalists. It’s made of warm merino wool and has a cropped look, which distinguishes it from the generations of beanies that have come before it. Get the Assateague in a range of versatile colours.

6. The Scarf That Knows Less Is More

Why he’ll love it: this minimalistic scarf knows its job and does it well. A practical alternative to flowy and showy scarves, the Grand Manan is made from merino wool, a thermo-regulator that will keep the recipient nice and warm. Trust us - they’ll thank you. 

7. Classy Corduroy

Why he’ll love it: the Wakaya is a wonderful extra layer. It comes with deep, practical pockets on either side and is dyed in a beautiful shade that we call Night Sky. Organic corduroy is something of a TWOTHIRDS favourite as well, being rugged, durable and ready for anything. To make sure he enjoys it for years to come, consult our care guide.  

For Partners In Crime

8. The Jacket That Says “I Love You”

Why he’ll love it: a smart shearling-style jacket that shows you know him well. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive the Batiki for xmas? It comes with a detachable collar, medium weight of wool, and a wave-print lining - as if signed by the sea itself. The lining is made from recycled plastics, giving this jacket a sustainable edge.  

9. The Comfiest Underwear

Why he’ll love it: admired by staff and customers alike, the Robbins have turned underwear into an art form. They’re label-free and made from organic cotton + stretchy elastane. The thick rubber band with embossed logo fits like a charm and rounds off an altogether classic look.

10. Knitwear Every Man Can Wear

Why he’ll love it: is he hard to buy for? Then look no further than the Jurmo knit, an all-time fan favourite. Made from rugged merino wool with nylon to improve longevity, this jumper will keep him warm all winter, and is simple enough to work well with most outfits.

For Eco Enthusiasts

11. The - Recycled - Xmas Jumper!

Why he’ll love it: Xmas jumpers have a mixed reputation and are commonly made from fast fashion materials like acrylic. The Ndaqui, however, not only looks festive and fun, it is also entirely recycled! Guaranteed to impress any eco enthusiast and give them something to smile about, this knit has a snowflake design, stylish roll-neck and cashmere texture. We love it! 

12. An Organic Knit For Cosy Hugs

Why he’ll love it: what’s better than receiving a huge hug from your favourite human? Making sure they’re wearing a comfortable, sustainable knit that enhances the cosiness of that very hug! The Andrott comes in a festive Wine colour and is made from organic cotton. Check our Knits page to surf the competition. 

13. Stripey Sustainable Socks

Why he’ll love it: no Xmas day would be complete without a few pairs of adorable socks. The Umisk were made especially for men who take their environmental footprint seriously. Constructed from soft organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled elastane, these eco-friendly socks will have him walking on a cloud. Available in various colours. 

Ps. Like these ideas but can’t make up your mind? Let them decide with a TWOTHIRDS gift card. From one ocean lover to another!