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Why Water Repellent Jackets Are A Wardrobe Must-Have

4 min read

Why Water Repellent Jackets Are A Wardrobe Must-Have

We’ve all experienced it: turning up to work or a party completely soaked even though the sky was clear when we left. Day: ruined. Clothes: squelchy. Mood: we don’t want to talk about it. Three very good signs that you need a water repellent jacket!

Over the course of twelve years, TWOTHIRDS has become a purveyor of water repellent jackets. Producing in Northern Portugal - an area celebrated for its rich textile history - and working with Barcelona’s finest designers, has allowed us to perfect our vestes. Unsurprisingly, they are consistently the styles that our customers rave about the most. 

While we expect you to feel 100% satisfied with any of our jackets, water repellent jackets go the extra mile. As well as being made from organic and recycled materials, they’re equipped with an eco-friendly coating that reduces permeability while maintaining breathability. The words “top of the range” spring to mind…

What Is A Water Repellent Jacket?

Water repellent jackets are hydrophobic. Which means that water will form in little beads on the surface of the material, rather than being allowed to permeate. Yes, hydrophobic also means ‘afraid of water’! A water repellent jacket offers more protection from the rain than water-resistant jackets. They are, however, less prepared for heavy downpours and storms. That would call for a waterproof jacket. Beware though: unless made from rubber, no jacket is 100% waterproof and if it is made from rubber it won’t be breathable. Water repellent vestes therefore offer a helpful midpoint on the scale of resistance to water. 

Are Water Repellent Jackets Sustainable? 

Not always. In fact, the majority of water repellent and waterproof products contain strong fluorinated chemicals that can stay in the environment forever. These artificial substances (known as PFAS, or Poly- and Per- Fluoroalkyl Substances) degrade very slowly, and are now found in water supplies, soil, wildlife and human tissue all over the world. Unfortunately, they’ve also been linked to severe diseases ranging from neurological damage to cancer - an issue that has affected communities located close to production facilities. Many efforts have been made to ban PFAS, but some manufacturers and brands still view them as indispensable. We aren’t one of them. 

It’s always been our aim to find a clean, eco-friendly alternative to PFA treated jackets, and back in 2020 we finally achieved it! The finish we turned to is called Teflon EcoElite™, which is completely non-fluorinated. Dubbed “THE WORLD’S FIRST PLANT-BASED TEXTILE REPELLENT”, EcoElite™ is made from a mix of 60% renewably sourced raw materials. As a bonus - the production of EcoElite™ requires 20% less water too. 

Now all of our water repellent jackets are treated with this groundbreaking finish. You can tell them apart from our regular vestes by the information on the product page and by looking for our water droplet icon.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a water repellent jacket!

  • Combines style with practicality.

While waterproof jackets are the outdoor person’s best friend, they’re not always the trendiest are they? Meanwhile, water-repellent jackets are designed for urban environments and lighter conditions, affording them greater possibilities for good-looking designs. 

  • Offers “just-right” protection. 

Whereas waterproof jackets offer high levels of protection and water resistant jackets low levels, we think water repellent jackets strike a good balance. They follow the goldilocks principle - being “just-right” for the vast majority of uses. 

  • Perfect for capsule wardrobes. 

Capsule wardrobes are made up of a small number of interchangeable styles, the idea being to reduce consumption and dressing-related stress! For a robust capsule wardrobe you’ll need at least one water repellent jacket because it will serve multiple purposes and protect you from the cold. Basically: a single outerwear style that does everything for autumn and winter.

  • Lasts a long long time. 

One of Teflon EcoElite™’s secret weapons is durability: it lasts up to 3x longer than other non-fluorinated finishes. You can expect it to withstand at least 30 washes - way more than what’s needed over the lifetime of a regular jacket!

  • Stain repellent. 

Most water repellent finishes are also stain repellent. This reduces the need for cleaning and helps keep your jacket looking as fresh as the day you bought it!

Nb. Should you need to remove any dirt - be sure to gently rub the affected area with a damp cloth. 

The Best Water Repellent Jackets 2022

To find the best water repellent jackets of 2022, browse our jackets department for men and women, where you’ll find a range of beautiful coats. Here are two that stand out from the crowd. 

For Men: Malake 

Packed with a soft recycled polyester fleece, this winter parka is ready for the cold. The hood - which is also lined - offers you extra cosiness while multiple pockets on the outside and inside satisfy all your practical needs - and keep your hands warm! Treated with Teflon EcoElite™ that enriches the glorious green colour. 

For Women: Rupat

A timeless style in navy. Rupat features an adjustable waist and cosy hood for windy days. It has tight-fitting ribbed cuffs to stop you from losing much-needed heat. This water repellent jacket also comes with a recycled polyester fleece lining and is perfect for commuters, having a two-way zip that facilitates sitting comfortably without any folds or bulges in the fabric. The only eco-friendly jacket you need this winter!