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Jay Greiner

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Jay Greiner
BORN: New Jersey
RESIDENCE: Oahu, Hawaii
OCCUPATION: Photographer // Physical Therapist 


I moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 2011 for an Orthopedic Residency after graduating from Physical Therapy school in Florida. After 7 months of living on Oahu, I nearly lost my life in a moped accident. I woke up from a coma in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit, and two weeks later I left Hawaii.

I moved back home to Georgia where I spent 4 months in recovery with my loving family and plenty of prayers. Shortly after I decided to head back to Hawaii, but with a completely new perspective of life.

A large part of the healing process began with me spending time in the ocean. It's as if it somehow embraced me—providing an escape from the surrounding commotion of life, and to facilitate being present in that exact moment—nothing more and nothing less. I needed that.

I learned that the more time you spend with something, you develop respect and an appreciation for it—a passion, a love. It grew and I began wanting more. To know more. To see more. But to also share that. That’s when I began telling stories with a camera.

It was during that season of my life that I discovered this passion that stirred me to do things afraid--to embrace discomfort to capture and share a pure showing of true power and untouched beauty.

I’ve grown to understand that when you have a true love and passion to do something, the only thing that should keep you from pursuing it, are the things you can’t control. Passions are instilled in us for a reason and for a purpose. My passion is to capture and to share my perspective of the ocean to captivate and inspire others. I can’t get enough of that.