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Alice Forrest

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Alice Forrest

BORN: 9/11/1987
RESIDENCE: Byron Bay (currently en route to Gran Canaria)
OCCUPATION: Conservationist, marine biologist, adventurer

 Get Salty. Connect. Protect What You Love.

Growing up landlocked in a small country town, escaping to the coast on family holidays was always my favourite time. Years later, scuba diving re-ignited my love for the ocean and started a passionate affair which has slowly taken over my life. It led to more diving, studying conservation then marine biology, freediving deeper and exploring further. And ultimately it led to a desire to protect this amazing place that gives me so much and give something back for everything that the sea provides me.
I’ve experimented with many different ways of protecting the environment –front-line activism, science, volunteering, lecturing people, working for NGOs - and it’s led me to believe that connection, positivity, hope and love are the best tools we have. Getting people into the water, looking in the eye of a whale, riding a wave, frolicking with a manta ray, inhaling the salt and the sunshine. By re-connecting with the ocean, we are inspired to protect it.

The ocean for me is where I find peace. It inspires and motivates me. I seek the tranquillity of the deep blue and the limitless joy of interacting with incredible creatures on a single breath. Freediving for me is the biggest reminder that we are part of the ocean – we came from the ocean, and our life is still intricately entwined with this big blue wonderland that makes up most of our ocean planet.
I believe in living a simple life, valuing what you have, making the most of our time here, and doing what I can to protect our oceans.