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Karl Mackie

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Karl Mackie

BORN: 27.9.1974
RESIDENCE: Cornwall, United Kingdom

From the moment I discovered a connection with the ocean, I built my entire life around surfing. That connection has evolved over the years leaving me with a deep respect for how I use it and how we can preserve it.

I am an artist, a commercial lifestyle, sport and travel photographer based by the coast in Cornwall, UK where I reside with my wife and two sons. With a background in Design & Branding, I founded the award-winning branding agency - Mackie Studio and set up our agency a stone's throw from the ocean in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

For the past several years I have shot with film, documenting lifestyles and travel, often amongst the coastal & surfing community, arguably my biggest passion outside of surfing!
See you out there.
Karl Mackie