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Ryan Tatar

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Ryan Tatar

BORN: 1978
RESIDENCE: San Francisco, California
OCCUPATION: Photographer

“Resist Much. Obey Little”. (Walt Whitman)

I grew up in a landlocked state in the heartland of the USA to some hard working and loving parents. We used to take summer trips either to the mountains or the sea. I became mesmerized by the ocean and the salt water and vowed one day I would live by the ocean.

Fast forward and I graduated college and found myself at a dead end job in the middle of nowhere. I found a new gig to pay the bills abit closer to the sea, packed my things and started visiting it and surfing on the weekends….The job afforded me the chance to travel to some far away places where I became more infatuated with a more connected life to nature and the ocean. Ultimately my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I left to move to California and find waves, new friends, and new experiences.

Trying to show my friends and family what I was experiencing was the motivation for picking up a camera. California also has this pull on one’s creative senses. We’ve switched towns a few times, but find ourselves still in California searching.