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The Adamos Family

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The Adamos Family

We have started to get to know the Adamos just when they sold their house in London
in order to travel around the world with their four kids. 
During their travels, which took them to various beautiful beaches Michael and the Kids started surfing. Their passion for the ocean has finally  led them to settle on the other side of the world in Byron Bay, known for its amazing Waves and surf culture.

Their story and their guts to turn their settled London life around like this,
was a true inspiration for us and a little part of us wanted to do the same thing.
The Adamos will now live by, with and in the ocean creating that connection to the element that Twothirds stands for. Hence we are so happy and proud to welcome the Adamos as the first family in our sentinel community. 
We will keep you updated on how Courtney and Michael and their kids:
Easton, Quin, Ivy and Marlow are doing down south.